Pronouncing "mischievous"

Is it “mis-cheeve-ious” or “mis-chif-fus”?

I pronounce it 'mis-cheev-ious".

MIS chiv ous

About a 50/50 split between ‘mis-cheev-us’ and ‘mis-cheev-ious’.

Just like the first entry at
/ˈmɪstʃəvəs/ in IPA.

I pronounce as Hazle does.


Sometimes one way, sometimes the other. I know I have a reason for why I switch, but I can’t tell you what it is off the top of my head. Mis-cheeve-ious just sounds better in certain contexts than mis-chif-fus.

I pronounce it “Throat-Warbler-Mangrove.” :smiley:

Oh, come on; you knew someone was going to say it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I go with mis-cheeve-i-ous.

I dare you to post this in the Pit thread re: pronunciation. You’d get eaten alive!

mis-CHEEV-ee-us over here.

Now, if you take that extra short “i” sound, and return it to its rightful owner “aluminium”, we’ll all pretend this didn’t happen. :smiley:
Seriously, it’s “MIS-chi-vus” here. Saying “mis-chee-vee-us” in Australia marks you as uneducated and hick - or a child (it’s a bit like “chimbly” and “nothingk”).

I hear plenty of people pronounce it with the extra syllable (to rhyme with “devious”), apparently out of ignorance. There’s no justification for it in the spelling. (If it were pronounced that way, it’d be one of those Words Not Pronounced Like They’re Spelled.)

So, I pronounce it “mis-chƏv-Əs.”

There is no “mis-cheev-ious” because it is not spelled “mischevious”. People who pronounce it that way are wrong, pure and simple (they are not choosing to use an acceptable alternative pronunciation).

Also note I used the word “alternative” instead of “alternate”. Just a heads up, America!!!



I confess that I didn’t adopt the correct spelling or pronunciation until I noticed the poster of the same name one day! And I call myself edumacated. :o


It depends; if I’m feeling silly, it’s “mis-CHEEEV-ious” said in a squeaky voice, like when my niece is playing hide-and-seek. If I’m just saying it, it’s “Mis-che-vus.”

mis-che-vus. There is no “i” after the “v.”