Proper name for camera string loop wrist holder

My googlefu has failed me. I need to know the proper name for that loop of string attached to cameras that you can wrap around your wrist to keep the camera from falling away from you.

More specifically, I’m looking for an iphone sleeve which has this sort of thing, but I had trouble searching for it because I wasn’t sure what to call it.

I’m sure it will be super obvious to you Dopers, but I’m suffering temporary brainfail, and googling related terms doesn’t seem to be helping me.


Wrist strap or just strap.

Agree that it is a lanyard

While it is technically a lanyard, that is more and more being limited to only being one worn around the neck. I’d also look for the terms nivlac mentioned.

I’ve always called it a strap.

At my old company, when we were talking about physical design of cell phones, we had to pay attention to the hole for the lanyard. I assume the same term is used in the camera world.


Bolding mine. I usually think of a lanyard as going around the neck, but of a bunch of definitions on the web, such as the one quoted above, mention wrists. Many do not.

The closest thing I can think of is Wii controllers, and they call it a strap. But I wouldn’t consider Nintendo to be the ultimate authority on the subject.

Thanks! Just out of curiosity, is there a special name for the hole the lanyard goes through?

The strap could also be called a tether.

“Honeybear”, but we don’t use it much in public.

If you find a good iPhone sleeve with a wrist strap, please come back and post. I’ve been looking for one forever.

Is this the basic idea?

a lanyard is just a lanyard. the juveniles you use on your wrist and the adults around your neck.

A review on Amazonof the Belkin product in my link above:

I was looking for a case with a lanyard and this was one of the few options. The photos of this product on Amazon and elsewhere are not clear enough to fully see what you’ll get when it arrives in the mail. The phone snaps in and the case provides coverage on the sides and the back, but not the front screen. I bought the case so I could use my iPhone 4 as a camera on vacation. Usually, I use a small Sony camera attached to my belt loop with a lanyard for safety. This case served that purpose very well, although I needed to add an extra length of lanyard so the camera (phone) could reach my eyes while still attached to my belt loop. The phone never fell out, although, if you jerk it wildly by the lanyard, it will come loose. Besides providing a lanyard, the case also protected the phone very well. When entering the Casa Rosada in Argentina, I placed the phone on a security x-ray conveyor. The conveyor was designed so small objects like phones and cameras just fell on the marble floor on the other side! Ridiculous! My iPhone sustained the drop from table height onto marble without a single scratch. The exterior of the case is just grippy enough to prevent slipping without pulling your pocket inside-out when removing. I would probably prefer the case to be less grippy, though.