Propose to someone!

Although it’s late November and not June, Irish tradition states that “November is the best time to wed because the harvest’s in and it’s cold in bed.”
So this is a little thread where you can propose to someone else on the board. So have at it! Always wanted to be virtually married/rejected/engaged/whatever? Here’s your chance!

I have two proposals to make. I already made one to Yue Han, and nothing’s come of it, so that’s strike one against me, I guess.

I think I’d like to marry Ad Noctum, because his handle is so close to my own, and it’s so groovy because it’s Latin (right?) and Latin is just one awesome language. I’m sorry, I don’t know much else about you to make a proper proposal, Ad Noctum, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

On the other hand, I want to propose to pepperlandgirl, because anyone who loves the Beatles as much as/more than I do has to be right for me.

Now, it’s your turn! There must be someone in the Teeming Millions that you want to ask!

I’d like to propose to my right hand, but he’s already taken.

Ok I shall do this. I just hope I do not kill this thread like I did the singles dating service thread earlier this month.
Hey** Wyldelf** how about you and me shacking up?

 I got a lot to offer. Here in Alabama I am considered a god!

I got a doublewide trailer, all my teeth and some very beautiful cousins.

But seriously, I have always had a serious weakness to short redheads with accents and a great sense of humor.

I realize, in all truth this is quite the hopless, but nothing ventured nothing gained.
Come, ignore common sense and be my Queen of my Doublewide!

Hmm . . . I’m already virtually married to Palmyra, who may well make an appearance in this thread. I don’t want to hornify ssskuggiii anymore than she already is, and I can’t marry Medea’s Child due to religious reasons:D

So Nocturne, I guess I’ll propose to you. You don’t mind a three-way, do you?

[subI meant a three-way MARRIAGE, you sick bastards![/sub]

Well, MikeG is Irish, and we had 1 date, so I think we should get married. Of course, I haven’t heard a word from him since (except here at SDMB), so I’m thinking maybe he’s avoiding me…

Aww. Ahem. Jester. Will you marry me? Please? I’ll let Eric sleep under the bed. On the bed if you want (though I’m not sure you would). I’m also very unselfish. I’ll share all my cool snacks with you. Plus, I’m cuddly. So what do you say? :stuck_out_tongue:

Osip, you cad! I was going to propose to wyldelf!

Wyldelf, don’t listen to Osip, come with me. Do you really want your kids to call their grandmother ‘Auntie’, and still be right? Or learning to play the banjor before they walk?

[sub]As an overwieght geek, I know my chances approach 0.000000000001%, but hey, million to one chances come up nine times out of ten, so a pico chance must be pretty good all things considered, no?[/sub]

Screw the both of you! Wyldelf is MINE! Do you hear me? MINE!

Nym. You are just so adorable when you get possesive.
:pinches Nyms cheeks:
awww such a cute lil’hedonist.

Um…I’d just like to state that I didn’t hijack this thread. I was making a legitimate proposal. So, to get this back on track, I propose a group marriage. Fearsome Foursome, will you marry me? And of course, Wyldelf, too. Guess we need dpr in here, also. How about a commune? I always thought this marriage thing would work best if I had a plethora of husbands to choose from. :smiley:

Well I suppose, if I must. I will resign myself to a group marriage. :sigh: The sacrifices I must make. But damn it, we’re living in Australia or SF. I’m putting my foot down on that one.

Well, I’m flattered. Of course I’ll accept, Zoggie, I could never say no to you.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, Eric is the name I finally settled on for my catfish from The Home Place. I’ll get around to putting it in the thread sometime.

Oh! I love you! :slight_smile:

You will be a perfect daddy for Blair and lion. When’s the wedding, big boy?

G’day Osip,

A doublewide trailer??? AND a GOD - that’s just as well as I expect to be treated as a Goddess!

What more could a girl ask for?

Just need to check a few things:
Do the cousins all have their teeth?
Are they male/female?
Do they live in the trailer with you?? :smiley:

I just want to suss out my prospective beau - you understand

Nymysys I like your way of thinking - and you can be as possessive of me as you want :wink:

Ok - so I propose that we have a communal living arrangement - I am sure we can all accommodate each other’s needs and wants.

But where do we live? Or should we just keep a house in each country?

::bends down on one knee::
Will you do me the great honour of being my husbands and wives?

I would be honored to be your virtual husband. So, um… . yes!

I’m SUCH the blushing bride right now! Okay, we have me, scratchie, wyld and Morph. Just waiting on Rasa and dpr. Oh, grand! What fun this is!

I didn’t even notice I had three boys and three girls. I’m a bloody genius. :smiley:

C’mon Nym - aren’t the odds supposed to be against us? Could be more fun that way grins

So, just to be greedy, I figure that we need at least 2 more guys. Who said marriage was fair :wink:

Maybe we should hold off until we figure out who is and isn’t accepting. We may need a bunch of people. We’re still only at 2/3. You make your list, though. I put mine on the board already. :smiley:

mmm - will have to think on that one. I still don’t know people well enough to go proposing willy-nilly.

I’ll need a little encouragement before I go posting any names I think shy smile