Proposed: The Dems should dump gun control

I personally would be quite happy with a total ban on assault weapons in the U.S. But it’s not all THAT important to me. A back-burner issue, to be frank. It undoubtedly cost the Dems a LOT of votes in the last election. Do others feel the same? It’s obvious that Biz as Usual won’t work any more – we need to look hard at what works to oppose conservatives and what doesn’t.

I would like each responding post to begin with a simple “Yes” or “No” but then feel free to explain your asnwer in full.

And please don’t make this another tired rehash of the old gun control debate. This is strictly “Should the Dems dump gun control as a political strategy” not an argument on the soundness or lack of it of gun control.

It looks like Johnny LA. beat me to the puinch on this one by eight minutes. Mods, if you wanna delete this thread as a dupe, feel free.

Moderator’s Note: I’ll close this thread and direct further debate to The Democratic Party should drop the gun control issue.