Protective Cases for Small Electronics Devices

… case suggestions welcome please!

My old Garmin nüvi 350 was virtually dead, so I replaced it with a Garmin nüvi 2455LMT. Its a nice unit with all the bangs and whistles I’d ever need, but with a 4.3 inch screen, it won’t fit into my old Case Logic case. I know, buy a new case, right? Except that the ones that fit it at all the electronics stores and office supply stores don’t meet my needs. They either offer little or no hard shell protection or they have no reliable means to be attached to the outside of a back-pack / travel bag or they are the wrong size. The old one zipped closed and had a short but strong leather latch with durable snaps to hold it in place on the loop of a bag/pack.

Assume for the sake of argument that I want to avoid having to open the pack every time I need the Garmin so I could have it perform double duty and be useful on walks and on hikes outside of use in a car.

About the closest I’ve found either seem to have weak tin loops that don’t seem reliable or stronger loops with carabiners that would ensure that this case would flap against the pack and possibly get caught on anything passing the pack…from door-handles to trail branches.

My shopping skills are not the best, admittedly, and even asking for help, this is the best I’ve found so far.

If there is anyone here with amazing shopping skills and some free time, any and all case suggestions would be greatly appreciated.