Proteins and hair, and the science of styles

For starters, I know about keratin, and that hair is “dead” so it can’t be made healthy by slathering things on it.

Now that that’s out of the way, does adding protein (for example, a raw egg) to hair do anything to improve its look and feel that regular conditioner wouldn’t do? I read an article that encourages people to put things like eggs, beer, avacadoes and honey into their hair, then rinsing and adding a light oil. If these things do work, I’m assuming that some of the molecules are binding to the hair then the oil is locking it, and some water in. Correct? Couldn’t you get similar results from a bottle of stuff on a store shelf?
Also, what changes are going on in hair when styles are formed? When hair is flat ironed, does it straighten because the disulfide bond is broken, or is it something else? Why does hair go back to its natural state when it gets wet, then dries? What’s going on with perms, relaxers and dyeing? I’m looking for specific, in depth answers here if possible.


Adding eggs, beer, avocados, and honey to your hair with certainly make it taste better, at least until that stuff spoils. So, you’ll be more attractive to insects and bears at first, and dogs and 'possums later.

I am not a hair stylist, but I consider that stuff to be a waste of good eggs, beer, avocados, and honey. Put those things in your mouth, and let them get to your hair from the inside. Yow, I’m getting hungry.

[Homer Simpson]Mmmm, egg-beer-avocado hair[/HS]

Bump in case anyone can answer the other questions.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these things did have some affect on the hair (even if it makes it worse), same as conditioners can have an affect on the way hair looks/feels.

haha :smiley: Tooooo funny!!