Prussian Blue Repents!

Remember those White Nationalist little girl sister singers, Prussian Blue? The Brit guy who made a doc about them years ago checked up on them as 15-year-olds, and it seems they’ve started thinking for themselves (to some degree, but that’s still pretty good considering how they were raised). There may be hope for the home-schooled children of die hard racists everywhere!

Bah, I can’t read the article. Blocked at my work. Can you quote it?

I wondered when this would happen. I can’t view the video, but assuming this is on the level, good for them.

It was an easy guess. Fifteen is right in the middle of the range when teens rebel. Because Nazi Mom was so psycho I thought it would be closer to when they were 17 or 18.

I wanna hear them sing a song called ‘My mom is racist psycho bigot, but I’m not’.

Whenever I see film of a KKK or Aryan shindig, I always feel sorry for the kids. Maybe there’s hope for them, though.

What about Fred Phelps’ kids? I know at least some of them are completely with him in his insane world; wonder what kind of brainwashing they grew up with.

If this comes from the same documentary I saw a few weeks ago, it seems like an older female relative (can’t remember if she’s an aunt or not) has rather taken the girls under her wing, and the malign influence of the mother is being reduced. Good luck to them all.

If you really want to know, Google “Addicted to Hate”. And poor yourself a stiff drink. It ain’t pretty.

That’s good, but I wonder what they’ll do when they realize that their singing isn’t good enough to get them a mainstream career?

Did I hear correctly that the mom called one fo the girls a “see you next tuesday” in the documentary? Kind of makes me feel bad for the kids, since they didn’t choose to be raised by someone so insane and mean-spirited, and didn’t know what they were saying when they first started parroting all this racist BS.
I definitely think it would be cool if they do grow up to renounce their mom’s views, but not sure if you can really count on a teenager to stand by their views of the moment for very long. It seems like it will be pretty hard for them to break away after being raised like this all their lives. :frowning:

You know who else rebelled against his parents at a young age? Hitler.

Sorry, but someone was gonna say it sooner or later.

Quite a few of them have run away already.

Ha, it’s from the site ‘Jezebel.’ Apparently they’re having lots of problems with being blocked, even from liberal companies, because of their name.

Here’s the text (though it’s the video that’s great. And yep, Mom drops a c-bomb):

Can you explain what that insult means? :confused:

Try shortening it to an acronym (and “you” is easily shortened, of course, to “u”). It took me a minute to get it as well :).


Ahhhh… :smack: I c…

But did she say “cunt” or actually say “see you next Tuesday”? Because some of the semi-crazy people I’ve known were always coming out with something like that, their own little code that you had to figure out.

Actually, I should just watch the video.

Ah. “Cunt”. Nice, Mom. She doesn’t actually sound crazy; but there’s a strange, strange family vibe. The twins, frankly, don’t sound too bright.

Out of curiosity a few months ago, I was reading their message board in which they expressed some affection for THE GILMORE GIRLS. Almost immediately, the
discussion devolved into the racial impurity of the show- Rory’s best friend being
Asian, Michael’s (sp?) blackness & possible gayness, whether Alexis Bleidel, some of whose family is from Mexico or Latin America, is of mixed ethnicity or purely Aryan, etc. I hoped at the time it would dawn on the girls “We can’t say we like a show without worrying about it being White enough? This is just stupid!”

Just watched the clip on does one of the girls seem to have adopted the interviewer’s British accent? I notice in the comments people cast aspersions of their “Christianity” but I’ve seen several places where Mom explicitly disavows
Christianity. She probably follows William Pierce’s “Cosmotheism” (a form of Pantheism that sees God as the evolving consciousness of the Universe, most fully expressed in the White race).