PS2 owners, I need a little help with parental settings

So I got a PS2 around last Christmas, I don’t recall ever setting the parental settings, but whenever I want to watch a DVD, I’m prompted to enter a code (which I do remember choosing) to temporarily change the parental setting so I can watch anything rated PG-13 or higher. Sometimes even PG movies need the setting temporarily changed.

So the question is, since I can’t find the instruction manual, how do I permanently change the parental setting on the PS2 so I can watch a movie without inputting the code every time?

I have scanned and emailed you the manual page you need to dio this. It is a 240K jpg file

Got the email. Thanks a lot astro, that’s really been bugging me.

And since the question has been answered for the OP (but not for the outside world) I thought I’d mention as a mere curiosity that jpg is a lousy way to compress documents. GIF or TIFF should give much higher quality and much smaller files size. JPG is more suited to photos and similar graphics

If you have access to a PS2 manual it’s page 19. I’d be fascinated to see what your compression kung fu can do with
the page.

In theory a 2 color GIF with anti-aliasing off (assuming you use adobe or something similar) would give the lowest filesize while still allowing it to be readable. Of course PDF was practically created because pages of hard copy are hard to store digitally.

I think what Astro meant (and I’m taking a guess here, having never seen the PS2 manual) is that the page in question has a bunch of funky pictures in the background, and a greater compression probably would have made it hard to read.

Pick up any gaming magazine… if the PS2 manual is any similar, it’d have a crapload of Anime-ish “action” sketches on each page, obscuring the text.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled hijack.