Sony PS2 parental control question

My TV’s DVD player is my Playstation 2. Last week I bought the LOTR:EE DVD, took it out of its case, and popped it into my PS2.
I was informed that I had to re-set my parental controls in order to play this PG-13 film, and I needed my 4-digit password to do so.

I have no idea what my password is. I never set it, and I have (of course) long since lost my PS2 manual. Is there any way to find my password?


P.S. I did manage to watch LOTR:EE on my computer. It was great, but I kinda lost the panoramic view on that small screen.

Press select button and enter this number, “7444”. Your old password will be deleted.

Sua, was this the first movie (PG-13 or higher) you watced on PS2 DVD? IIRC, you just need make up a password the first time it asks you. The prompt makes it seem like you should already have one but if you didn’t have one before you can just create one. Did you change memory cards or anything? It sounds like you had PS2 for while.

I will check my PS2 manual when I get home if no one with one handy gets back to you by then.

FYI I don’t remember having this asked of me when I put in the FOTR EE DVD but when I put in Black Hawk Down, the first movie I viewed with PS2, it did ask me for the password. It then asked me again when I put in Grand Theft Auto but it wasn’t my first game but my first Adult game. Disclaimer: I only had the system for about a month so I am not an expert.


Duderdude2 is correct. The video store I used to work at rented out PS2s and we had to reset the parental controls every time they were rented out. 7444 is the override code. You should then be able to set your password to whatever you wish.

Wow, THAT’ll keep them pesky kids outta dirty movies. No kid would EVERgo to the internet to figure out the override pw. :rolleyes:

Ohhhhh, I hear ya. Happened to me, too, once, and only the fact that Bonzo hadn’t left yet for his Dungeons & Dragons Night saved me from heaving the dang thing through the living room picture window, since he’s the only one who knows what the code is. He was the one who set up the PS2 when we bought it, and he just put in his birthday or something when it asked for a password, but he didn’t tell me about it, so I put LOTR in and it wouldn’t let me watch it. “Bonzo? Come help Mommy run the Playstation…”

So to keep it from happening again, I made him write the Parental Code on a sticker on the side of the Playstation.

I will have him add the override to the sticker, too. “7444”, you say? Got it.

Everytime I unplug my ps2 it resets the pw thingy. Thats all you gotta do, uplug it :slight_smile:

I’m confused now. Will you get the password prompt every time you try to watch the movie? IIRC I set my parental code at level 8 and I have not been asked to enter my password since the first time (once for a movie and once for a game).

Does level 8 tell PS2 not to prompt for a pasword everytime I load the disc? BTW, I haven’t played/watched any other games/movies that may require a password.

Handy, I unplug my game almost everyday and I still don’t get asked for a password. Do you leave your memory card in?

Hmm, thats interesting, maybe they store it on the memory card?

Well, that was the confusing thing about this. I thought the way it worked was that the user chose whether or not to set parental controls, and I never did, so I thought I could watch anything I wanted to. And all the evidence until LOTR:EE indicated that’s the way the thing worked; for example, I watched the entire first season of “Oz” on my PS2, and was never prompted about parental controls - and if anything would require parental controls, that would.
I didn’t use my PS2 all that often to watch movies/shows, but I have used it in the past to watch PG-13/R rated movies, and never got the prompt before. It seems rather hit-and-miss.

But thanks all for the override code; 'preciate it.


I am confused. I’ve had the PS2 for over a year and never had to put in a parental code? I’ve played DVDs, GTA, etc on it as well. Is this a US thing perhaps?

I don’t know if it is only the US but we are at least one of the contries that have this. The games and movies are rated and to help parents control what their kids watch they provide a parental lock on certain things that should not be viewed or played by children. You can also do this with TV shows but not through PS2.

As you can see there seems to be problems with having it actually work. Or work too well in some cases.

Sua, I wonder if this is a new coding on the discs? Since I only had PS2 a month I can’t say for older games and movies but perhaps all newer released discs will have this protection. I think I set it to so I never get asked for a password but time will tell.