PS5 game recommendations

I did not expect to get a PS5 for at least a few months. Every time I tried it was sold out. Then a couple of weeks ago when Walmart released their 5 per week my girlfriend somehow got in and was able to order one. It’s coming tomorrow.

This caught me a bit flat footed. I didn’t expect to have one so I wasn’t looking into games yet. So what are the must have games right now.

I don’t know the answer to your question, sorry, just wanted to chime in and say “sweet!”

You wouldn’t go wrong getting very late release PS4 games, load times and so on would be a lot quicker.

Congrats. Most of the “must play” games on PS5 right now are actually PS4 games. Several of them are actually free for you to download/play too.

  1. God of War. This has been updated to run at 4k/60fps. If you never played this on PS4 play it on PS5. It feels like a brand new game.

  2. Control. This is also a last gen game that was enhanced for current gen. It’s alot of fun.

  3. Demon Souls. This is a great game but you either love or hate Souls-type games. If you hate them this won’t change your mind.

  4. Immortals Fenyx Rising. I’m playing this right now on Switch and PS5. It’s a Breath of the Wild clone thats really well done and runs like butter on PS5.

  5. Spiderman. Another amazing game. I haven’t played the PS5 version but have played the PS4 version on PS5 and it looks great.

  6. There are others but most of them are PS4 titles that are enhanced on PS5, some more than others, but all of them have insanely reduced load times.

I do have Feynx for PS4 and I haven’t cracked it open yet. I will be trying that one soon.

I did order Spider-Man. I enjoyed the first one so I’m looking forward to this.