PSA: South Park is back tonight 3/17/10

Just wanted to give everyone a head’s up, as a new South Park episode seems to be a VERY rare thing these days.

Tonight’s subject-o-the-week:

Tiger Woods. I can see the townspeople forming a mob and ranting about how DARE Tiger want to have SEX? Followed with a “that’s so gay” remark by either Garrison or Kyle. Good times.

I predict it’ll likely be about how Tiger’s personal life has absolutely nothing to do with his playing golf. Which is true.

Ah, good.

However, Tosh.0 is really funny. Am I the only one childish enough to find his show funny?

Nope. I’m just as childish.


Tonight is episode #196. Four to go until 200. Sweet!

I thought it was hilarious. “Sick Joker Lips” BWAAH!!!

“The sex addiction is leaving me!” AWESOME! :smiley:

Turns out it was sending up the idea of sex addiction.

Who were all the celebrity sex addicts? I counted Bill Clinton, Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas and…now I can’t remember.

David Letterman, Ben Roethlisberger were two more.

And David Duchovny.

Kyle: “I haven’t even told my Mom, yet!”
Bill Clinton “Does your Mom have big tits?”

Loved all the knowing looks throughout the episode.

I think Tosh.0 is brilliant. It is head and shoulders above the other talking head comedy shows for pure humor. (Daily Show, Colbert Report, The Soup, Important Things, etc…)

“David Duchovny, stop playing with yourself.”

So do we know who they shot and killed in the alien/monster mask?

It was the Swat Team member who had the temerity to suggest sex addiction was bullshit - aka the turd in the punchbowl.

I loved which 3 it was that had the addiction. I loved the stupid test for the addiction. I loved the “data” that obviously showed an impending plague by the high school years. I about busted a gut seeing how Kenny died. I loved how Kenny was buried. I loved Butters flipping out at the funeral attacking the bush.

And the experiment with the monkey and the load of cash was just too much.

I wasn’t overly impressed, not a horrible episode, but not a great one either, just a sort of “meh” episode, I was actually more impressed with the premiere of the new “Ugly Americans” animated show that followed it, they even have a “Worst-Case-Survival” style parody PDF document on the UA page on Comedy Central’s website

On second thought, it wasn’t as bad as I remember, the “EA Sports Tiger Woods” golf game that concentrated more on the marital problems between Woods and his wife (gotta love a golf game that has a fighting game embedded in it), the monkey experiments with sex addiction, and Butters’ obsession with “Bush” (I was expecting Kenny to be the out-of-control maniac there), I really couldn’t care less about the celebrity “cameos” though, then again, I’m a bit antisocial and hate the whole celebrity-worship “thing”, overall, an average episode

I’ll give it another go tonight, see if my opinion changes

I agree, by the way, but let’s end our little hijack now. :slight_smile:

When Tosh come back, I’ll make a thread.

Good episode. It’s always been a wonder to me how anyone can seriously expect rich, successful men (especially famous and good-looking rich, successful men) to be faithful to their wives when sexy young nubile women are throwing themselves at them around every corner.

Wikipedia already has a page on the episode:

Which always bring up the issue of you horn dogged around with HER?! Hell, a jobless drunk could get HER on a good night.

Probably because we have the ability to control our actions and cheating is a choice as opposed to being involuntary.