Psssst.... Tripler, a question

Hey Tripler

What happened to Camp Cecil? Was there not enough intrest? If there was not enough wide spread intrest, were there enough people to plan perhaps a small dopecamp?
Just thought I would check and see.
Thanks for your time.

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Always willing to help out misstee :wink:

Um, rest assured, Camp Cecil is not a pipedream, but is an active thought process. Currently, I’m just trying to figure out where we’re going to have it.

It is still fresh in my mind, but some serious events have come up this weekend that have really monopolized my time.

The next week is going to be pretty important to me, as someone I love is ‘staring down the barrel’. So even if I’m not on the boards actively, I’m still around. . . :frowning:

Part of my lack of response is that I can’t surf at work like I used to (different base). Most of it is ongoing, developing events.
Much obliged, though. Happy thoughts are keepin’ me going right now.

Fear not, Camp Cecil will not be another Blair Witch. :wink:

You mean no rock-piling, screaming in the woods, or camcorders? Aw, and I was just getting ready to pounce on misstee’s tent…


Well, until then, more happy thoughts going your way and to the one you love. “Staring down the barrel” (whatever that means) doesn’t sound real fun, so I wish them good luck.

Thanks SixSwordS. Flattery will get you everywhere.

Good thoughts are coming your way, Tripler. If you need anything…anything at all, let me know, if I can help, I would be more than happy too. My email is in my profile.

note to self Horseflesh plans on pouncing on my tent, so I must find a way to foil this plot.

Damn, cause I live like 20 minutes from the place. A much easier trip then the two day trip it’ll take me otherwise. Plus I know all the good ghost stories of the area.

So are you suggesting a Camp Cecil part II?
I love ghost stories told by an openfire, with adult beverage in hand, and someone elses hand in the other hand. ( I may be a tinsey bit of a scardy cat. ):smiley: