Psst. Bay Area Dopers

I mentioned this to Demo, but not sure if he passed it along or not …

I’m back in SF in September. Arriving the 6th, leaving the 17th. Anyone want to meet up for a drink (or … more drinks :D)

14th and 15th are out for me, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are questionable at the moment. But the rest of my time is pretty much free.


What about the first Saturday, which I believe is the 8th? Something on that day would be cool.

I’m up for it anytime. I look forward to meeting you (even if you didn’t like “Geek Love”).

Yeah and it’s best not to get me started talking about Geek Love, particularly after I’ve had a few drinks :slight_smile:

I could do the 8th, provided it started and finished relatively early (I do have plans for the end of that night … :wink:

Screw that “starting and ending early” nonsense. You’re talking to BADs! We don’t even get started 'til 2:00 am.

In that case, maybe the 7th would be better?

I work second shift, so I don’t get Friday nights off. Saturday is so much better for me.

I’m a 9 to 5’er so I’m good for any evening or weekend.

[sub]Here’s something odd though (and I’m only mentioning here as a way of pulling a Cortez [burning my ships]) – after some reflection I’ve decided I am now officially on the wagon. No alcohol, no drugs – nothing mind altering.
So now you pernickity bastards have to hold me to it.[/sub]

E-mail when you’ve got the particulars nailed down, everytime I particpate early plans change and I can’t go.

Damn, I was going to post a thread on this today, too. Stupid job. Stupid work. Sorry ruadh.

Anyway, the 8th sounds good. I’ll double check with psy but it should be fine.

Any ideas on where to meet? Can we stay out of the damn Mission this time? :wink:

A couple ideas:
The End Up was a blast last time we went with oldie. If you like to watch crazy after hours club people, this place rules. Plus, we can dance!

If you are interested in soemthing mellower, we’ve had good success with the Chevy’s in the Embarcadero Center. Decent food, cheap pitchers of margaritas and a relaxed atmosphere to talk in.

The Metreon is way cool. Fun virtual bowling and beer. The cons are it’s expensive and loud. I wouldn’t want to spend my whole wad there, so if that was something you’d be interested in, maybe we could hang there for a while then transfer to a bar somewhere close.

Lastly, if you’re pressed for time and want to make this a DopeFest/sightseeing tour, we could always do something down at Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghiradelli Square (that pizza place we went to about a year ago was fun), Chinatown, or wherever. (NOT North Beach! There’s NO parking on the weekends unless you want to sell your soul to the Mafia :D).

Mmmm. Margaritas. I vote for Chevy’s :slight_smile:

I vote for anything but the Metreon.

I’ll be there. I might have to call in sick, but I’ll be there. I hate working on weekends.

Aw, man!

Just realized my parents are going to be out here from Sept. 1 to Sept. 9.

I guess it won’t be completely disruptive, but I will have to do a bit of a juggling act as far as Dope stuff and parent stuff.

Well, depending if I can get to and from BART or something to this gig (or drive in with someone).

Oh yeah, two things:

  1. I am a big chicken about driving (i know one of you would want to mention that ;))

  2. This also depends on my money situation. I need to get my brakes looked at, and if they have to be replaced, i may be out of money. Plus, school is starting back up for me also.

So um…yeah.

Oh man, you guys have no idea how much I can’t wait to get back to San Francisco. I was just looking through a cookbook I bought here in Ireland for something to eat tonight and the taco recipe called for … baked beans :eek:

Needless to say, I improvised. At least they sell Old El Paso stuff here.

I really hope you can make it Doob.

Good god, and they say americans ruin foods from different cultures :). You poor, deprived child!

Anyway, i hope i can make it too. I’d really like to meet you, but i cant really promise anything at this time of the year.

Ok, so for a preliminary setting (because everyone always takes so long to decide these things :wink: ) how about:

The 8th of September at the Embarcadero Chevy’s?

Where’s the rest of the BAD contingent? Come on you losers!


What time, man, what time?!?

Sheesh, do I have to think of everything?

Well, I really will have to be outta there before midnight. So I think we should start early. Does 5-ish work for the rest of you? (If that’s too early for some, we can always just sit in the bar for a couple hours before dinner :))