Psych is ending after this season

I’m weepy like scared Gus right now. While I admit the show is beginning to feel a little thin, it’s still my favorite current show and I still laugh out loud at every episode. I’m really gonna miss those guys…

I hope the last few episodes are stellar!

I blame myself.

I just started watching episodes of *Psych *on Netflix and I’m really enjoying them. So, of course, it needs to be cancelled.

Yeah, I’m bummed. It’s one of the few shows we sit down and watch as a family with my teenage soon. It might be time, though. I hate when shows stretch themselves too thin in an effort to stay on the air.

I like the show, but it’s been EIGHT YEARS. It’s time for Sean to grow up.

It seems ironic that the most recent episode (cogblock) has to make the top 10 for entire run that its the one they pick to make the announcement with.

I love the show. I actually had a bit of sadness in the belly when I saw the annoucement. The wife and I flew threw 5 seasons on Netflix and have been watching the rest on TV. Very funny show, everyone meshes well. It will be missed.

I used to like the show, despite its odd relationship dynamics and the fact that someone thought that Cybill Shepherd would make a good mother character. However, this show has really worn out its welcome.

The incessant guest star shots, the childlike relationship between Shawn and Juliet, the fact that neither Gus nor Henry could seemingly get laid all got to be too much for me to take. If it hadn’t been for the stellar work of Tim Omundson (Lassiter) the last few seasons would have been (IMHO) almost unwatchable.

I enjoyed Psych and I occasionally watch some of the earlier episodes. However, I’m ready for it end.

I’ve *loved *Psych for a long time, and I think it’s still getting better with each season. But I can’t blame them for going out on a high note. This week’s episode was indeed awesome.

“This expires in three days!”
“Would you have eaten Jesus’s yogurt?”

I don’t think Cybill Shepherd’s character was exactly a good mother. I think she more or less abandoned the family to become a famous psychologist.

As much as I’ve loved Psych, I think it’s about time it was wrapped up. Time for the boys to become men.





It’s time.

I like the show, but it is getting a bit old and a bit thin and it’s time. I do wish they’d had a chance to do an intentional series finale (after 8 fairly consistent seasons, that doesn’t seem too much to ask).

They’ll do Murder She Wrote and Colombo style TV movies, I’m sure.

I think a cross over with the new Doctor would be a great finale.

Every show based on our love for watching the antics of comically-irresponsible boy-men (or child-adults) runs into this problem, if it goes past the 39-episode length of The Honeymooners. After a while, our pleasure in identifying with their “getting away with it” turns into resentment that they are getting away with it.

Seinfeld tried to give ultimate resolution to the issue by putting its irresponsible child-adults into jail–making them face real-life consequences for remaining irresponsible. And audiences howled. (Many in the audience, anyway.) The jail time was too much punishment.

But withholding punishment altogether, over too long a run, doesn’t work well, either–a lot of people have simply stopped watching The Simpsons, for example. Homer’s eternal child-man antics are simply ignored by many.

So far, The Big Bang Theory is doing as good a job as any show in making this dynamic work. Maybe it’s something to do with having a larger number of child-adults cavorting around, instead of merely one (as with Shawn Spencer or Homer Simpson). Or maybe it’s due to the childlike characters having some genuine competence in some areas of life (their jobs)–a feature distinguishing BBT from Seinfeld. No one was really good at any ‘life skill’ in that show–Jerry’s standup career wasn’t as impressive as his real-life one; neither George nor Elaine could hold on to a job; Kramer didn’t even try. And none of them could sustain a romantic relationship.

Anyway, yes: the Psych people are probably wise to call it a day. I’ll miss the show, though.
(gad, I do go on…)

That’s the strange part: Everybody was cool with that.
Nobody called her on it.

For a woman to have one child and then abandon him to advance her career is lame. Even if men do it (a lot) that still does not decrease the lameness of the act. Yet no one says “Hey, that was really effed up, Mom.” And Henry is still pining for her.

I can’t judge men, but I can imagine that Corbin Bernson has never has trouble get female companionship. And his character was a cop? At least they could have made him into a poonhound to offset Shepherd’s crappy mothering.

In conclusion, I wish that they had simply made the mother character deceased (killed in a car accident is the common US television solution for this) as Shepherd really added nothing to the program.

The thing about this show, though, is that the guest stars meshed just as well, and, while I concede they may have had a few too many guest stars, it worked. I think a big reason why was because a lot of the guest stars were from the 80’s and 90’s. and the show just adored that era, and the guest stars were able to kind of poke tongue-in-cheek fun at themselves.

I actually wondered about the fate of the show when Maggie Lawson was acting in that short-lived sitcom. The show suffered a little when she and Shawn got together, but they managed to keep it interesting.

The show will be missed. The worst thing about this is that it’s gonna be hard to see James Roday and Dule Hill as anyone besides Shawn and Gus.

Oh, and for anyone who plays the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, Tim Olmundson voices the character of Aric Jorgan. And Rachael Leigh Cook, Shawn’s old girlfriend Abigail, voices the character of Jaesa Willsam. Depending on your in-game choices, she can be a Dark Side toon that is among the more twisted that universe has ever spawned.