Psych Final Episodes - Suck Big Time

We’ve watched Psych since it started. Yes, it’s zany, quirky and entertaining. But ever since USA cancelled the series in late January, the remaining episodes being broadcast are just horrible. The writing is crap. The jokes are juvenile and over the top, for a fifth grader. It almost seems like everyone is legally contracted to finish out the season but that doesn’t mean they have to deliver a quality product.

Anyone else have this impression?

The last one, Nightmare On State St was awful. I meant to check to see if they had a different writer or something. First of all, it was basically a Halloween episode. But I had a hard time following it (what was dream, what wasn’t etc), they didn’t work towards wrapping up any loose ends, it was kinda stupid.

The next day I saw a “How you’d like yesterday’s episode?” thing on Facebook and that was pretty much the same thing I saw in all the comments.

Also, I have this funny feeling we might not get any loose ends tied up in the finale, based on the commercials.

At least the first 7 seasons make it on of my favorite shows ever, for sure in the top 10-15. Though, I did feel it went a bit downhill after Shawn and Juliet got together, it was still very good.

Yeah, have to agree, this season has felt really awful. Self-indulgent to the point of annoying. Disjointed, desperate, like they’ve lost all sense of what the show is about.

The finale better be good. I was kind of wishing that they’d come back for one-off TV movies every year, but now I’m not so sure I’d want that after all.

I just watched Nightmare on DVR. After the first ten minutes, I realized I’m only watching out of habit.
The past few episodes have had over the top campy, weak acting. Very disappointing.

The series has really gone downhill for the season and a half. Juliet was a one-dimensional character and elevating her into the narrative (thanks largely to her off screen romance with series star James Roday) was one of the final nails in the coffin. Also, the frequent guest appearance used in lieu of sharper writing really just reduced Psych to the low-budget basic cable comedy that it was.

I really liked the show in the beginning (Cybil Shepherd being one major exception) but it has run its course. It’s sad that they didn’t go out with a bang, but decided that a whimper was much better.

The nightmare episode was boring and no fun. And I had no interest in the drama created by Juliet’s discovery that Shawn was faking the whole psychic thing. (Since we in the audience knew he was faking it, I assumed the other characters knew as well.) I’ll watch it to the end, but it’s not much fun.

You don’t have to watch too much longer. I’m pretty sure this week is the end.

Nightmare was a stinker, which was too bad. Given how far in advance they film the series, I wonder what might have been done in post-production to fix it. Or maybe they didn’t realize, being so close to the creation, just how it would go over.

Agree with Dewey that the psychic revelation, even if Juliet didn’t know exactly how Sean solves crimes, went over like a lead weight. This show has been struggling to show character growth without really allowing character growth.

I don’t have cable anymore, so I just now saw the musical. It was good, but not great.

Bummer about the quality issues you guys are seeing. I’ll watch them and remember how fun the whole series was.

Goodnight, Gus!

So that was the finale. Barring TV movies or something similar, it’s all over.

As final episodes go, it was a bit underwhelming, but fun. Tied up a few things pretty well. With an extremely unexpected cameo.

It seems that the previous two episodes were fillers that were added after a last minute order from the Network, and one of them was voted on by fans from a series of options. The winner was the Nightmare episode that was so awful.

So the lesson is, don’t let fans choose storylines.

I agree that the finale was underwhelming (and that the last few episodes were less than stellar). I’m glad, though, that they got well over the 100-episode mark (and therefore the show will continue to be visible in syndication).

It will be the syndication ratings that determine whether their obvious hopes of doing a movie are fulfilled.

I’ve heard it both ways, actually. :slight_smile:

There were three cameos. A big fat Val Kilmer, Billy Zane and Bud from the Cosby Show.

As far as a movie goes, I’ve never heard anything official, but it did come up a handful of times in the Psych After Pshow. Also as much as I liked the finale (it was tough with how downhill the season has been) I really didn’t like the last few seconds when the guy swiped the ring.

I knew I recognised him, but I thought for a moment it was Dudley from Diff’rent Strokes. But it was Bud from The Cosby Show! Well, that makes even more sense, then, as that was one of the running jokes between Shawn and Gus for a while.

Billy Zane doesn’t count as a cameo, that was a guest role.

I liked it. I can look back on fond memories of the show now, instead of frustration about the last bunch of episodes.

Anyone else catch the reference to the “guy” that SFPD already has? In the kitchen alphabetizing things? Gotta be Monk!

I thought Lassie breaking the DVD instead of listening to the Shawn’s confession was a nice touch, too.

I liked that too, but I wish he would have stopped it at “The truth is-” instead of “The truth is I’m not-”. I know it was still ambiguous and Lassie now knows but can pretend he doesn’t, but if he stopped it earlier he [Lassie] could have told himself that Shawn was about to say “The truth is I really AM a psychic”.

The SFPD entrance they walked out of at the end of the episode was the same location as the SBPD entrance used in the first season.

A Tony Shalhoub cameo would have been great in the end. Since both shows were on USA and after Val Kilmer popping up, I was wondering if I would see it.

That realization hit me in the shower this morning. Delayed reaction. And I agree with dasmoocher, a cameo, even just a voice cameo, would have been awesome (but then it would not have taken me 8 hours to figure it out).

I figured that Maggie Lawson (actress playing Julie) would have been back for the finale. Any idea why she wasn’t? I know she was on a sitcom in the autumn 2013, so did the filming schedule for that conflict with the filming schedule for this?

And at the end Henry was measuring the doorway in the Psych offices. So was he planning to make it his home?

We’re we watching the same episode? Jules was there, as was the police chief.

And I think Henry was indeed thinking of moving in, maybe starting his own PI company.