Public-sex-having people: define the "sex" you've had in public

Basically, I’m just astounded by the number of people who claim to be having sex in public places.

It occurs to me, though, that I’m defining “having sex” as, at bare minimum, initial insertion through orgasm*. I wouldn’t say, for instance, that I’d “had sex in public” if I had bent my girlfriend over, poked her a few times*, and then zipped back up, but maybe some would. Perhaps some are using different criteria.

So, given that, help me understand.

*And part of my hindrance in relating to others’ tales of such public exploits is that I’m not built for the sexual sprint: it’s a noteworthy thing for me to finish in under 20 minutes. I just have a hard time picturing 20 minutes of uninterrupted coitus in a public place.

You seem to be locking on to the fact that there are (at least) two competing definitions of sex…

PIV (penile intermission in vagina)
PIVMO (penile intermission in vagina with male orgasm)

It seems you would only count PIVMO as public sex?


Oral and vaginal penetration including orgasm (only mine, though, unless there was something she didn’t tell me).


Nope, though I can see where that needs clarifying: if she climaxes, that would count for me. Because my orgasmic stamina sometimes outlasts my lower-back stamina, it isn’t unusual for us to finish without me “finishing.”

I had “PIV” sex at night in an outdoor hotel pool with my now-husband, with another couple (friends of ours) going at it similarly on the other side of the pool. I dunno about them, but neither he nor I “finished” since the pool was a tad too cool for comfort, so we stopped and went back to our room to finish.

In a hotel pool, in a car (both full penetration in a parked car and oral while driving), on a walking path late at night, oral in a bar and probably others that I don’t recall at the moment.

I don’t count the bathhouse sex as necessarily public, since it’s a private club basically.

Some included zero to orgasm and others didn’t.

What, public blowjobs don’t count? :frowning:

Middle of a soccer field, mid dusk… full penetration. The adrenaline rush was pretty good too.

In the woods, by a mountain bike path, full daylight, PIVWMutualO.
In a car, parking lot of a convenience store, late evening, PIVWMutualO.
In a car, while driving, oral, orgasm ensued.

The other ones, I’m not going to talk about.

My front yard, Christmas night.

Parked car, behind a church; not sure if that counts as “public”.

Ladies’ room at a Chili’s. Again, not sure if that counts.

Outdoors at a few SCA events.

On top of a giant rock–just outside of the campground at Arches National Park at sunset.

Personally I would count any situation where my penis is exposed and hard.

I’m just asking if cars count. I’m not admitting to anything.

Off in the grass near a highway rest stop at night. We had been fooling around in the car for a while, and then afterwards, while cleaning up, I found a pamphlet that talked about the dangers of driving while distracted. I thought that was amusing.

On the corner of 14th Street & 9th Avenue in NYC. Late at night, right on the curb. Cars are driving by, pedestrians are walking by, and my bf decides this is a good time and place to go down on me. Who am I to argue?

As defined by the OP, various places, including but not limited to:

University library study room (almost got banned from the library)
Various public bathrooms
Behind some electrical equipment at a park at 2 pm
Parked car in mall parking lot
Next to restaurant dumpster
The roofs of several buildings, one of which I mentioned in the “caught in the act” thread
Stairwell of a movie theater while the movie was playing
University student union, in more than one meeting room

In a shrubery, 4 feet away from a walking path (there were some shruberies in between, accross a river and in full view from a busy street…

He went down on me and then we had intercourse to mutual orgasm.

I jerk my SO off in the car when we’re on highway trips pretty often. (I’m driving during this).

Oral sex in the car (with him driving).

Sex in the car.

Thats about it.

On the 50-yard line of her alma mater’s football stadium. That was pretty cool.

By the side of Shaver Lake here in California. It started snowing while we were in the middle of things. That was surreal and awesome, staring up at those big fluffy flakes coming down on us.

Parked in a high school staff parking lot. More than one, actually.

Off the running path of a large suburban park.

In the middle of a soccer field.

In a low depression in a public park. A late-night jogger plodded by about 15 feet from us. He didn’t give any indication he had noticed.

By the river at a nature park about 15 minutes out of town. There was a helicopter that kept circling. Made us nervous.

On an outside staircase at the top of a five-story building at the university. Great view of the city.

At a middle school football field, in the bleachers. At the same school’s baseball field as well.

Um… that’s all I can think of.

That’s what I’m trying to find out, without much luck. I asked people to define the sex they’ve had in public and most folks are just listing where they’ve done it.

All I intended to say in the OP was, “I’ve had my cock stroked while I was driving in broad daylight, and I’ve been gone down on while I was driving in broad daylight, but I still don’t say that I’ve had sex in public, because I don’t consider that really having sex*. If you do say that you’ve had sex in public, please describe the sex you had, so I’ll know what people mean when they say that.”

It’s just a poll, folks, it’s not me trying to prescribe what “having sex” is. :slight_smile:

  • I would describe those events the way I just did, FWIW.