Punday evening.

It’s Punday!*

So, what is tonights topic? Since this forum really doesn’t lend itself to the high speed pitterpatter of proper groaners. Let us make a few ground rules. Rather than round robin, we shall do openpool with the caveat of no following yourself, someone should post between yours. Winner is the one with the most original puns by this time tommorow. In cases where it appears two people have the same pun but are close enough timewise to be simulposted, it will be judged that both are original, all other cases of the same pun will go to the originator…

So, lets have pun!

First replier gets right of topic.

*[sub]Please read Spider Robinsons Calahan’s Crosstime Saloon for an explaination of Punday, or just play along.[/sub]