Puppy Pictures! (sort of...)

Our Xolo dog, Kelsi, is going to have puppies any day now. While I have no actual puppy pictures at the moment due to the annoying fact that they are still in the womb, I thought I’d share the X-Ray.

For those of you that are mad you didn’t get to see real puppies, don’t worry. I’ll post some pics once they exist.


Waaah, micropuppies!

Puppies? I don’t see no stinkin’ puppies! :slight_smile:

For the life of me, I don’t know how radiologists do it.

I never would have been able to see them on my own, thanks for that second picture!

anticipates snuggly puppy pics

Yeah I don’t see how they do it either. I had to have the vet show me like 5 times.


Wow, I thought I’d never even heard of this breed before before I googled it and realized it’s another name for Mexican hairless. :smiley: Is yours a hairless or coated version?

She’s considered hairless, although she does have hair on her head, tail, and feet. Her skin is blonde, which is rare, but she’s very cute. I have some pictures that her previous owner gave us on my Flick acccount. I’ve taken some recent pictures of her (as a little blimp), but I haven’t yet uploaded any of them.