Purchasing Mercury

Does anyone know where I can purchase mercury? I only need an ounce, for my Carbstix.

Mercury the metal?
Mercury the planet?
Sailor Mercury? (How much does she go for?)


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Carbstix? What’s that?

I couldn’t find anything direct on the web (although I did learn what a Carbstix is). Mercury is a car, a newspaper, a planet, a project, etc, etc, and, oh yeah, an element. Most of the hits were about mercury poisoning: how to detect it, how to prevent it, etc.

So I’ll give you some advice instead:

Ask a dentist.

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A carbstix is a multi-tubed device for tuning multiple carbs on a motorcycle. Try a metal recycler. Or buy a thousand baby thermometers.

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You can get it for $22.40 (US) per 100 grams at Sigma (www.sigma-aldrich.com).

It’s fun to flip through their catalog:

Timber Rattlesnake venom- $57.20/ 100 mg
LSD - $38.50/ 1 mg
Herpes Simplex Virus - $31.50/ 100 ug

Obviously some paperwork is necessary to order some of these items :slight_smile:


I know, it’s Christmas and you’re all a little harried, so some quick comparison shopping:

You can get it for $22.40 (US) per 100 grams at Sigma (www.sigma-aldrich.com). Only source I know of

Timber Rattlesnake venom- $57.20/ 100 mg I suppose the delivery terms beat the free from nature stuff, as consider the convenience
LSD - $38.50/ 1 mg Sounds about on par with street, last I knew; probably a better pedigree
Herpes Simplex Virus - $31.50/ 100 ug Can always be had free

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Thanks, Arjuna34 and Beatle!