Purpose of Mini-Pocket on Jeans

Why is there a small pocket inside of the right pocket on Levi jeans?

It serves no useful purpose that I can tell, and probably costs the company over the long term in denim and rivets.

Zippo lighter



a single key

a breathmint

It’s a watch pocket.

Yes, it’s an out of date feature.

It’s a tradition now, and maintaining the tradition is worth more to the jeans makers than the savings from doing away with it.

It’s a watch pocket.

You carry stuff in it. I find it particularly useful for small, single items you’re going to need to access easily soon, stuff you’d rather not have to dig around in a pocket full of change for when the time comes. Things in that pocket are also less likely to get beat up, and less likely to fall out. I have kept in the fifth pocket: a subway token, a ring, a key, a hair tie, a postage stamp, a gum wrapper, a rubber band, a paper clip, and exact change.

Also known as the fob pocket. Can be found in drill pants, and other varieties of trousers.

Yay! I shared my sole piece of fashion knowledge!

Dude, it’s where you keep your rubbers!

It was a watch pocket at one time, but someone invented the ‘watch band’.

I wanted to apply that logic to condoms, but the name ‘rubber band’ was already taken.

My phone fits neatly into that pocket on any pair of jeans - held snugly but easy to get out.

I keep my motorbike key in there when I’m out riding.

A small folded up piece of paper with the number of a girl (or guy) whom you just charmed with your stylish jeans :wink:

Doesn’t your motorbike key go in the motorbike when you’re riding?


But, Only when I’m riding the bike.

I carry change in there. I’m Canadian, which means I can easily wind up with upwards of eight dollars in change after a day’s transactions. I can’t wait for the new $5 coins.

Putting my change in that pocket forestalls the need to carry an eighteenth-century style purse, and prevents both that irritating sound that comes from having half a pound of change loose in your jeans, and also makes it easier to access than if it were hanging about down by my gear.

It never occurred to me to put my watch in there. It stays in the inside pocket of my jacket or vest. Having the chain out where it was visible would drive me nuts.

As others have pointed out, it was originally a watch pocket. Most of us no longer carry watches, preferring instead to wear them or do without, but the pocket is still useful. It’s great for sticking my wedding ring in when I’m out and my hands swell, or keeping a tampon or lipstick handy if you’re not carrying a purse. It’s also just the ticket for having my meds handy when I’m going to be out without a purse when I’m due.

I don’t usually find the little pocket convienent for putting anything in, especially on jeans, unless the pocket is unusually large. I have big fingers and I have trouble digging around in there. And your pocket is not in fact a good place to store rubbers, they can get damaged from heat and getting crushed.

It’s exactly the right size for a bank card, however smart that idea may or may not be.

Bite your tongue. I use my watch pocket to hold my pocket watch. I can’t be the only one, because I see pocket watches for sale at just about any store that sells wrist watches. I really dislike the feeling of having a band around my wrist, but especially when I’m exercising and sweating. Just thinking about it gives me the willies.

I wouldn’t say it’s completely out of date…some guys still wear pocket watches. I also like to use the extra pocket to stick my car key in for the couple of minutes between the time I lock my car in the garage and the time I arrive inside my apartment. It’s more convienient to pull my car key out and put it on the table when it’s in the watch pocket.

It’s a good place to put pills or supplements that you want to take during the day.
And they just wouldn’t be Levi’s without the extra pocket!

I carried my watch there when I was using a pocket watch and wasn’t wearing a vest. Now I use it for loose change (I too am Canadian) and a pocket screwdriver (from Lee Valley Tools), plus, at present, the sample piece of flexible tubing I check for a size match on any time I’m in a place that sells the stuff. I also use it for safe storage of my wedding ring when I wash dishes, etc. A very useful feature, and I won’t buy a pair of jeans that is missing it.