Purpose of Mini-Pocket on Jeans

It’s good for keeping your guitar picks, and if you drop one on stage, you can retrieve another one quickly.

I can’t believe only one other person has said zippo. It’s the perfect zippo holder.

I can’t believe that no one’s mentioned drugs! The cops rarely bother to check that pocket, so as long as your ummmm… “legally prescribed medication for which you just happen to not have the prescription at the moment” don’t bulge too much, they’ll miss it every time. Not that I’ve ever used that pocket for such a purpose…

About a month ago I returned a pair of jeans to Macy’s because they had made the watch pocket too small for my pocket watch to fit into. The clerk gave me the strangest look when I demonstrated how my pocket watch didn’t fit.

Some years ago I switched to using a pocket watch when I found that a wrist watch aggravated the carpel tunnel problem I was having in my wrist.

Key pocket, definately. Also, small change holder at times.

lol! glad someone else does it, i carry my party prescriptions there too, its perfect!

It’s a ticket pocket.

Along with bookeeper and bibliophage, I too wear a pocket watch. Must be a b thing.

I have one of those, which is damn handy considering the amount of useful change I’m likely to accumulate back in the mother country. Here in yankville it just doesn’t pay to carry any coins.

Good lord. Didn’t even know my current pair pants had one of those until I read this thread and checked. :eek:

Chalk one up to obliviousness…

One needs to watch that. About 10 years ago I had a couple of pairs of jeans by a particular manufacturer–I won’t say which but you can probably guess!–and they were fine in that regard. At that time I believe they were still being made in the U.S. A few years later I happened to buy a pair that was made abroad, and the watch pocket was so small I couldn’t even get two fingers into it. And I have small fingers for a guy. Obviously using it for a watch, or anything else, was out of the question. I can only assume that somehow the lines got mixed up, and a fifth pocket that should have gone onto a child-sized pair somehow got onto mine instead, when they were being assembled.

I pretty much only buy Levi’s now, since they seem to have maintained their quality despite moving all their manufacturing out of the country…I don’t like them for that, but what am I gonna do? I need to have jeans that I can trust not to rip.

Wow! I learned somethiing new and confirmed it at dictionary.com.

I always called it a watch pocket, for the last 70 years, and the medallion on a strap attached to the watch was the watch fob. So now what is what I thought was a watch fob?

Some jeans were made with hammer straps, a long narry pocket for folding caprpenters rulers, and other odd and assorted purposes.


A watch fob is still what you always thought it was. It is a doodad attached by a chain of varying link to your watch. Or, it could be the thingy attached to the strap for your watch.

I think that dictionary.com is perhaps misinformed. It was referred to both as a ‘watch pocket’ and a ‘fob pocket’ in the time frame I searched (1895-1900) in newspaper accounts. I just used that time frame as a test. At least, the pocket in your pants. The pockets in your vest might be another matter.

Im goin with the zippo too. Or maybe some change.

Advertising “five pocket jeans” has a pretty cool ring to it. I don’t think a couple rivets and two square inches of denim cost the company that much. In fact, that and the arcuate stitching is the Levis signature trademark.

Haven’t you seen the Levi’s television commercials? That pocket is where you, the pool boy, hide the house key that your rich boss’s wife/mistress just tossed to you from her balcony, when his goons shake you down for the key. :slight_smile:

You may be on to something here. I used to wear a pocket watch regularly, until it broke. I’ve been thinking about getting another one soon.

Yep, my pocket watch goes there. Never realised that’s what it was meant for.

I wear a pocket watch because for many years I carried a pager all the time in my pocket (not the watch pocket) and used that to tell time. When I gave away my pager the logical choice was to get a pocket watch - and that little pocket is the perfect place to keep it.

I have a pocket watch but unfortunately I’m left-handed.

I’m thinking of having some installed in the left pocket of my better pants.

Ardred uses it for quarters (US) or “fun” which is what we call them. Quarters are what you put into arcade games therefore quarters=fun.

(on a side note, I call $10 bills “Happy” because they, for some unknown reason, make me happy. I’d rather have two 10s than a 20, hands down.

I don’t think his pocket watch fits into his watch pocket, or he’d carry it there. It’s a pretty big watch, though.