Pushing Daisies 10/24

OK spoilers ahead I know some of you haven’t watched yet so don’t read this unless you want any surprises ruined.
And on we go
Another fun episode though I wonder how many people will react adversly to the image of a plane crashing into a building.

Random thoughts

I wonder what happens to living dead bees without stingers.

Nice use of They Might be Giants “Birdhouse in your soul” For the musical fans.

Who knew a bedazzler (Bejewler) could be used for wing repair.

With House playing the same night here I got to see two grave diggings in one night.

Nice that Chuck happened to have sunglasses that night to cover up the lack of eyes.

I hope someone finds Carmon before he stinks up the place.

Two jokes regarding vision… The pilot with his glass vision and the Convict awakening screaming he’s blind.

A tasteless joke about keeping the fires burning turns out to be a sweet romantic gesture in the end.

OK I’m convinced this show is hinting there is no afterlife as each reawakened body asks if this is it and seeing as our buried guy has been there a while and not knowing there is one leaves us with two conclusions

A) the show says after death that’s it
B) The soul leaves and the reawakened body is just the leeftovers (Brain memory and all)

Don’t know which it is.

I like that they really seem to be answering a lot of the obvious questions we’ve had. I missed the first minute or two, but they seemed to give an answer about how Digby avoided being touched for 20+ years, and what kind of equivalence there was for the more-than-a-minute consequences (I loved Ned looking at the squirrel in dread!)

We now have proof that this show will be a huge success: “Charlie” was on it! That redheaded actress in the windmill has been on Heroes and Ugly Betty, and they have both been very successful!

I just might watch this episode again tonight! I wonder if CTV will always air it early? I don’t think they did this in the previous weeks?
I don’t know if they will answer the afterlife question definitively (for the show’s universe, anyways). I’m sure they will address it, but I think if they have different characters choosing to believe in either A or B that could create an interesting conflict eventually. Doesn’t Ned tend to say “no” and Chuck says “yes” when people ask that question?

CTV has always been airing a day Early adn I hope they keep it up. I posted last week but somehow the thread was missed and a new one was opened. I was too lazy to repost.

By the way have you been watching on regular TV or HD because I tell you there is a world of difference. The HD is all vibrant over the top colours and nice little CG details in the backgrounds.

It could be that the resurrected simply don’t remember the afterlife. In some fantasy settings (in which afterlives and resurrection magic exist), those who return from the dead either don’t remember their afterlife at all, or quickly forget it in the same way one forgets most of a dream. shrug Or death could simply be the end of awareness.

How in the hell have you guys seen this already? Is Canada fast one day?

That was an awesome way to start after a commercial break, just after I’d finished telling my friend about “Birdhouse in Your Soul”, they were singing it!
I really enjoyed this one.

One surreal moment not in the show. There was a commercial with a country singer, singing in a huge field of Daisies. That was an unusually appropriate commercial. I have no idea what it was for.

Another great episode. I was dreading the poor squirrel dying. I am showing my cute mammal prejudice by admitting I was happy it was just another bird.

I was expecting at least one Fugitive joke with the “one-armed man”.

I am glad Olive proved to be nicer than I thought she was. I like her interaction with the Aunts. She will probably be taken into the Pie man’s confidence soon.

Did they explain why Elsita had an artificial leg?

Another fun episode. I am sorry when each one ends. I have not felt this way for a while.


Okay, now that I’ve seen the episode I’ve read the thread and my question was answered. Stupid Canadians getting to see the episode early. Hate you all. :mad:

I’ve finally settled on my favorite characters: Elliot and Olive. I love Olive because she’s bitter, but underneath her frustration she’s really sweet. I suspected as much when she adopted Digby so he could get his pettin’s, but it’s nice to have canonical confirmation. Elliot I love because he says what I’m thinking (see the scene with him in the backseat while Chuck and Ned have their spat in the front seat). He also has the best lines. “Just because there’s vodka in my freezer doesn’t mean I have to drink it. Oh wait. Yes it does.” Could. not. stop. laughing.

Obviously, put them in dogs’ mouths so when they bark they shoot bees at you. :slight_smile:

I called “Birdhouse In Your Soul” before they actually sang it…

You and Ned may have been worried about the squirrel. I was worried about Digby.

Lem: “…my prison bunkmate-”
Lily: “Is that a euphemism for…?”
Lem: “Not in this case, ma’am.”

Oh, and just for rockle (who probably isn’t even watching this show or this thread), BEDAZZLED PIGEON!

I don’t think Olive adopted Digby - she just takes him for walks and whatnot. In the pilot, we see her giving Digby’s leash back to Ned (and also being pissed that Ned won’t touch her, but that’s another issue). Also, I’m pretty sure the detective’s name is Emerson (or Pooh), not Elliot. And yah, the vodka line is hilarious.

Also - Chenoweth sang again! Huzzah!

I love everything about this show and if it doesn’t win an Emmy for cinematography or writing or both, I will be slightly grumpy.

3 weeks in, it has decent ratings and #2 in the time slot. So far, so good. Hopefully it gets renewal. I love it.

jayjay: I have the impression that Digby is safe from the random one minute death. Ned doesn’t seem to be worried about Digby or Chuck in these moments.


I really had to keep reminding myself this is a fairy tale to suspend my disbelief over the pigeon being able to fly with a bedazzled taxidermied wing. I could accept everything else but that one was hard for me.

I wonder if Ned saving animals makes them smarter? Digby sure is smart. The pigeon seemed a little smarter. It doesn’t seem to work on people though.

Dammit! I knew it started with an E. I just blocked out every letter after that.

If she hasn’t adopted him, she should. Ned has Chuck and the bees after all. He and Digby may love each other, but Olive puts out…her hand to give Digby the pettin’s he so richly deserves. (Especially after pulling the fire alarm. Good dog!)

I hope so. How long before they figure out a way to tell the aunts?

I love that we’re seeing progress. Olive reconciled, Ned getting there, the aunts a bit happier.

Elsa and the windmill – I got a Bride of Frankenstein vibe.

I recognized her as Charlie on Ugly Betty. Who did she play on Heroes?

For Digby, yeah - but the pigeon still ran into a window at the end… (and lived, which compared to the first time, was a might bit better - oh, wait, he had just went thru a propeller too - nevermind).

Love the show… it has been picked up for the full 22 (according to Sci-Fi Wire).

Someone upthread mentioned it being better in HD - this might just be enough reason for me to finally upgrade.

Oddly enough, Charlie…

Twere it not for Charlotte Charles, she might have been a three time Charlie!

I got the same vibe, but then I always associate the name Elsa with Frankenstein.

I got a feeling the Aunts will be kept in the dark for a long time.

Woo Hoo!

She was the waitress that Hiro couldn’t save? Cool. And definitely a little odd.

Actually, for a pigeon “a little smarter” still isn’t really very smart.