Pushing Daisies 11/26: Get it while you can

Networks wont commit to wrap up episodes or direct to dvds because unless they own the show they wont see any money from it. While ABC owns the broadcast rights to Pushing Daisies, they get nothing from the dvds. And why should ABC finance a wrap up epsode of a show they do not feel warrents it.

Another case in point. DEAD LIKE ME (created by Bryan Fuller, creator of Pushing Daisies.) ran two seasons on Showtime before Showtime pulled the plug four years ago. The studio (MGM) decided to finance a dvd movie. It will finally come out in February. MGM hopes sales will be enough to justify doing more, or revive the series.

Without a will, yes. With a will, she can be cut out. Generally, you give her some token amount (at least $1) so she can’t challenge on the basis that “he meant to give me money, but he forgot.”

Another good episode, of course. Loved the Lisa Douglas imitation.

I just realized that the bastards at ABC signed up According to Jim, that steaming turd of a show for another unbelievable 8th season (even my SO who liked the show at first thinks the last few seasons have been completely over the top stupid).

They do that, but they won’t sign up Pushing Daisies to even finish up the 2nd season?

Who’s running that place?!

Ratings run the place. Like it or not, more people watch According to Jim than Pushing Daisies.

ABC would be idiots if they cancelled Jim to keep Daisies on.

Gah! So it comes down to the bovine masses watching these cruddy shows.

I guess more is at play than I thought. Seems kind of strange to be broadcasting (new) shows that you don’t own. I’ve heard of this before but I thought it was more rare. Seems inherently self destructive to me. I’m sure it’s great if your competitor is willing to air your show, but you know in the end it’s going to end up their lowest priority.