Pushing Daisies....ridiculously huge (unboxed) spoilers...you've been warned

I’ve really only got one question…what happened after the series ended? I finished watching it a few weeks ago and a little bit of googling tells me that even though it was ‘wrapped up’ nicely on the show, there was plans to finish some of the story lines in a set of comic books. Did anyone read them? Do we know what happened? IIRC, off the top of my head, we need to know how Lily and Vivian reacted to Chuck showing up on their doorstep.
How their lives changed or went back to being the same after her reappearance.
What ever happened with Chuck’s Dad.
If Chuck and Ned ever found a way to touch.
I know Brian Fuller mentioned that the watches would be wrapped up in the comic books, but I thought that was wrapped up when Dwight Dixon died.
I know I saw people (here maybe) discussing what Ned’s last name may have been. I have no idea why that may have been important. I don’t remember it being discussed in the show, but if it was important and I missed something, was it wrapped up. (Though I assume it was just out of curiosity)

Is there anything else I’m missing? Anything anyone else wants to talk about WRT to the show just for the hell of it?

I’ve been meaning to start this thread for a while now and kept forgetting, but I just noticed Chi McBride is on a rerun of House Monday morning and it reminded me to do it.

Looks like the comic’s publisher has gone under. I hope another publisher picks it up. I love Pushing Daisies. Here are the first four pages of the comic that Bryan Fuller has released. Looks like they are adding some twists to the life for a life equation invoked after the one minute limit. 1 2 3 4

Well that kinda got cut off, but I read somewhere, something about a flood in a cemetery and that it’s going to be Ned vs a thousand corpses, so that would explain the cult people coming back to life.

Oh wow, that art does not fit with the look of the TV series at all. (even accounting for it being uncolored, and likely unfinished)

I’d heard there was a T.V. movie event, that summed up all loose ends It was released in the UK first, and I was waiting for it. Did that fall through? I was timidly entering this thread, expecting it to contain spoilers from that.

Nope. It never existed. Wish it did, though.

nah - they’d find a way to screw it up - I give you the “Dead Like Me” movie as evidence.

There never was a Dead Like Me movie. :wink: It doesn’t exist.

Actually, there was and it was pretty good.

Nooooo, no, no, no it wasn’t.

I just watched Pushing Daising on dvd a few months back and loved it. I was disappointed at all the loose ends they left though.

Agreed; it was one of my all-time favorite shows. They really had no idea that the axe was coming; as such, they really didn’t intend on leaving a large number of loose ends out there.

They were able to re-shoot the last few minutes of the final episode (it hadn’t originally been intended as the series finale), to put at least a little closure to some of the storylines.

Ugh. Gonna have to disagree with you there. I had high hopes and bought the DVD sight unseen. Each to their own and all that jazz, but I’m afraid for myself I can’t judge it anything but a pretty miserable failure.

I feel exactly the same way, up to and including buying the DVD sight unseen.

I almost bought the DVD sight unseen, then they showed it on SciFi and it couldn’t be unseen.

it tried, it tried hard - but it was NOT what it could have been.

In fact, the thing it succeeded at the most was the grim reminder that if you can’t get your original cast back to do the finale - might as well leave it where it lies.

I completely agree with this.