Pushing Daisies 11/26: Get it while you can


Anyway, the gang investigates the murder of a millionaire.

Oh, I shall miss everything about this show.

Whoa, did no one watch it? :frowning:

I adore Lily and how she chased Dwight Dixon away. I loved Olive dressing up as a rich wife with a pet pig. Stress-baking and Lily finding Chuck’s grave disturbed. I do hope they’ll be able to wrap up the storylines before ABC kicks the show off the air.

Sorry, I’ve been busy. I caught it but the last two days have been a blur.

I think I will watch it again this weekend. I noticed Dwight does not get maid service in his Hotel. That was an amazing arsenal he had.

I think Lily looked impressed. Some nice guest appearances last night and I love the little things like Robin Hood being shown on the Marquee.

I should have realized everyone would be busy with the holiday and all. :smack:

It looks like Dwight’s going a-hunting for Chuck. And waking up her dad…can he even talk? He’s most likely a skeleton by now, right?

It has been 20 years, I don’t think that equals skeleton but I’m not sure.

I read somewhere that they won’t be able to tie up all the story lines in the remaining episodes. :frowning:

The only complaint I have about this show is the damn music. Half the time it overpowers the dialogue, and sometimes they talk so fast I can’t understand what they’re saying.

Olive was not only posing as a rich woman, but doing an EXCELLENT Lisa Douglas imitation (with her very own Arnold Ziffle, at that!).

Damn, I was thinking she reminded me of Zsa Zsa, I should have made the Green Acres connection instead. She was clearly doing Eva Gabor and not Zsa Zsa, thank you.

My understanding from what I’ve read in various publications and secondhand on TWOP is that the last-filmed episode was a MAJOR cliffhanger. Fuller is reportedly trying to get a deal for a wrap-up movie or even a comic book.

Incidentally, next week has a Fuller call-back. For those who have watched the unaired episodes of Wonderfalls, the Muffin Buffalo lady (Beth Grant) is one of the characters.

Not the greatest episode, IMO. Couple decent laughs, and *yet another *dude who’s in charge of a company who ends up being the bad guy. Two other problems I had:

  1. How the hell did Dwight get Chuck’s pocketwatch? All of a sudden the narrator says he has it…did I just miss it somehow??

  2. “Orbis pro vox” = Ring for right??! Please. My high school Latin tells me that’s a stretch. Someone must have used an online english/latin dictionary or something.

Still, a mediocre episode of this show is better than most anything else on TV.

My favorite part…Ned having to get past all the dead animals in the trophy room to get to the will. He must have been very quick with that polar bear!

I’m pretty sure they showed Dwight up in Chuck’s old room, where he found the pocket watch that had been “buried” with her. She may have left it out with her other mementos when she was looking for her father’s letters.

Favorite line of the night (Emerson, as usual): “Hello Motive, nice to see you again”.

Ivylass, that scene was great. The look on Ned’s face when he walked in the trophy room was priceless.

Add me to the list of people seriously ticked off that this show has been canceled.

Legal question: Can a man write his wife out of his will? Seems like the wife should be entitled to at least half of the estate.

The writers of this show are masters of dialogue. They could have the characters discuss the intricacies of tax law and still manage to keep me on the edge of my seat completely riveted.

Anyone notice Dixon hiding the 4 foot rifle under his waste length coat? :slight_smile:

I’m sure there are clauses in the event of adultery, the little Wifey gets nothing.

And the ball-winder! As a fellow knitter, I was squeeing when I saw the ball-winder…I want one.

ivylass - If it’s so much better to have balls instead of skeins, why don’t they sell it that way?


Balls take up more room than skeins. Skeins can be laid flat. Balls will, by design, have empty space around them.

Most of the yarn I buy does come in skeins, but I did get some wool yarn that I had to wind up.

I liked the widow’s line “Adulteresses totally get the shaft in the state law!”

I noticed that bells figured in the plot again this week. A few weeks ago, bells played a role in the “truffles at the nunnery” episode.

Kristin Chenoweth was on Craig Ferguson last night. She said she loved being on the show, and was sad that ABC was not ordering any more episodes. She did say that they were going to run through this month (I assume she meant December). IMDB lists airtimes for three more episodes.

She also sang “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” from her just-released Christmas CD. What a voice! I knew she could sing, but I hadn’t heard her do a slow ballad before. Very nice rendition!

I recently read the Wiki article on Wonderfalls, and I’m thinking there must be a market for canceled shows. Why can’t they continue production and put them out on DVD? Say, two or three new episodes per DVD a month? Or make them available for a fee via a website? There’s enough of us around who would have loved to have seen *Joan of Arcadia *or Sports Night or other dearly departed shows finish up their storyline.

This works with some shows (Futurama, Stargate, Firefly) but these tend to be more like stand alone movies. I wish networks would just commit to a few extra episodes on air to wrap up the storyline. They’d more than make up for it with the extra value a complete storyline would add to the dvd set. Not to mention more viewers would take risks on new shows, if they weren’t worried about wasting their time on something that might end unexpectedly without a resolution.