Put your first name into Google; how far do you have to go before you don't recognise the person?

I tried with Samantha. The first was Samantha Fox (I’m using Google in the UK) and I definitely know her.

The second was Samantha Ponder, who appears to be a sports presenter on US TV. Didn’t take long. Samantha must be a pretty common name for famous people.

It’d probably work better if you were logged out of Google, like on a work computer or something, so it’s not using your previous searches.

(I’m not sure if this should be in one of the new games forums or not).

First was the song Michelle.

Then Michelle Obama.

Then Michelle Phan, who I’ve never heard of. So I didn’t even have to scroll down on the page.


The first link is to some Astrologer dude. Further down the page is Jonathan Nolan, who I have heard of.

The first thing I get is “Shari’s Sushi Lounge” followed by “Shari’s Berries” and a Wiki page giving a bunch of odd definitions. This is the definition of my name according to the Urban Dictionary :confused: WTF???
Am I being cyberpunked?

First hit is for a shoe company who evidently have a charitable side - I buy a pair of shoes and the company gives a pair to someone less fortunate. The second hit is for one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid - Tom and Jerry.

David Brooks, New York Times op-ed columnist.

Beat out David Byrne, David Bowie, and David Blaine; top hit was Michelangelo’s David.

The first result is a Wikipedia entry on the biblical king David.
The second is the Wikipedia entry on Michelangelo’s David.
The third is a .gov page on the “DAVID Functional Annotation Bioinformatics Microarray”, DAVID being an acronym for “Database for Annotation, Visualization and Integrated Discovery”.

ETA: It’s interesting that buddha_david and I got such different results, although we did both get Michelangelo’s David near the top.

None of the links using my first name are anyone I recognize.

The very first link isn’t someone I recognize. She is a Tollywood actress, who is about a year younger than me and has been in Tamil movies. She looks kind of like me, amusingly enough - my large eyes and round face.

Googling “Kanye” is just too depressing

Kanye “Bubbadog” Smith

My first name is Scott.

First result is Scottrade, which isn’t a person, but is a name I recognize.

Second result is Scott Disick, who I’ve never heard of. He seems to be some sort of Kardashian hanger-on.

How do you get google to know your first name? My search shows something different.

The first two were people I’ve never heard of before. The third is a quarterback for a crappy NFL team, and the fourth is someone else I’ve never heard of.

Sorry to hijack but will someone *please *look up their first name in the Urban dictionary? Because I’m pretty baffled at what came up for mine, like there’s some sort of algorithm (not the right word, I’m sure) built in there or something:confused:

I’m in the UK but VPN to a server in Canada. In the first 4 pages of google.ca there were only entries for two actual people, neither of which I’ve heard of. On google.co.uk there were none on the first 10 pages, I didn’t look any further. That’s the problem with having the first name the same as a county in southeast England.

I saw a site on Facebook where you could see how rare you name is amongst registered voters in England and Wales. There’s only a couple hundred that share my first name, a few thousand with my last name, and I’m quite probably the only one with my first/last combination.

Mine was absolutely hilarious. Maybe some kind of Easter egg? Never heard of the second google entry for my name.

A page-and-a-half dedicated to Mssrs Bieber and Timberlake…

Mine’s very complementary, and entirely true :wink:


Kent, is that you, you old devil?

First name up was an investment advisor named Edward Jones. No idea who that is.