Q: Art Teachers/Artists Please Help...

I am trying to think of art terms for art materials with foreign or unusual names like paper mache, terra cota, etc. I’m trying to think of a name of a material (or style, perhaps) and dang if I can remember it! I’m sure I’ll know it if I hear it.

Also, along these lines: Is there a name for the material/effect created by mixing glue and sand? The resulting material is common on beachy items often holding seashells as decoration on all kinds of beachy knick-knacks. It kinda resembles sandstone, IMHO. Is there a name for this?

Thanks for helping…all guesses would be helpful to try and jog my memory!

  • Jinx



Yes, decoupage was one of the terms I was trying to put my finger on! The second term I am unfamiliar with. Can you provide more info on these terms? If not, I will go forth and Google…now that I have a key term with which to Google!


  • Jinx

Grandson of a university art professor weighing in.

Definitely not chiaroscuro. It’s just the juxtaposition or arrangement of light and dark elements within a piece.

Decoupage, I thought, was limited to paper products.

Unlike, say Tibetan or Navajo sand paintings, I suspect the use of glue, sea shells and uncolored sand to artistic effect has yet to elevate beyond the casual slur of “craft”.

Someone may yet wander in and prove otherwise.

Some other foreign-language artsy techniques: