Q.E.D. please be nicer

In this ATMB thread, a question is asked about whether or not this board is going free to post. Now I am interested too, as it was brought up, and April is approacheing.

Q.E.D. seems fit to be a snarky ass with

I try not to be a snarky shithead, and succeed most of the time, but Q.E.D., really, that was uncalled for. Can we please not chase subscribers away, Q.E.D.?

It was a pointless question with a self-evident answer. And guess what? An admin showed up and responded with exactly that. Sue me.

It wasn’t a particularly stupid question, and your answer was snark for snark’s sake.

Probably not worth a Pit thread, but there you go.

(Bolding mine.)

No, an admin showed up with a courteous answer. You, however, once again played the snarky “I’m so fuckin’ smart” card. You need to get over yourself.

It was not a pointless question and some of us are waiting for the answer. You jump in and decide be be a dick. Jesus QED, someone asked if the board would go free, after an administrator said it might. You got on your big dumb high horse and snarked away and told everyone to shut the fuck up and the answer might rain down from the sky above. Don’t be a dick, QED.

That wasn’t how I read Dexter’s response, and I think you’re persisting in being very impolite in a very uncalled-for manner. Are you feeling all right?

How do you know he hadn’t pre-decided?

Your interpretation seems a little…loose. I’m pretty sure I didn’t say anything like that. It was, perhaps a tad on the snarky side, but anyone who sees it as outrage-inducing rudeness needs, frankly, to grow a skin. Sheesh, if I’d posted your reading of it, I’d have pitted myself.

This is the very reason that I don’t post too much here. Pompous assholes that think they can talk down to anyone just because they have been around longer or have posted alot.

It WAS a valid question, and it was a RUDE answer. If I had any say in the matter, I would remove the tag under your name because I thought for the longest time you actually were someone with a position in SDMB. Thank God you don’t.

Nobody violates the “don’t be a jerk” rule more frequently, and with fewer consequences, than Q.E.D.

Wow, what forum do you hang out in?

That’s for sure. I have a sneaking suspicion Q.E.D. is the love child of Cajunman and Tubadiva- he gets away with insulting people no matter what the forum, on a regular basis.

I’ve noticed this myself, but thought maybe it was just me. Obviously, it isn’t.

It came off pretty snarky in my eyes and I never noticed you being this snarky before unless it was in the pit. If **Tuba ** had answered like you did the pitting would already be 200 posts long.

**C.K. Dexter ** answered politely and I believe sent you a not so subtle message.

That said, I don’t get the

Maybe I am blind to it usually, but I can’t recall Q.E.D. doing this outside of the pit or maybe GD. In those forums it is expected.

See, the way I look at it, us regular folk who don’t feel the need to jump down other people’s throats and can have rational, adult conversations need to post here MORE frequently to drown out the Q.E.D.'s of the Dope.

Even if the question had an obvious answer, sometimes asking a question is helpful: it keeps the issue in the forefront. Dex can pass along word to the higher-ups that the rabble are getting restless, and that might in some small way help them come to a decision.


QED, the response was overly snarky. But I have not ever thought of you as habitually snarky, don’t know where that’s coming from.


Yeah, this has been a common misunderstanding about the SDSAB title, and I’m not really sure what to do about it. I can see why the SDMB administration wants to give some public recognition and incentive for those who research and write staff reports, as it is an important contribution. At the same time, when Q.E.D. acts like a douchebag in response to administrative questions it does a lot more damage than it would if he were a regular member. I’m not sure what the best solution would be, though. Changing the SDSAB title to something like “SDSAB Member” to emphasize the regular member status? Forbidding Q.E.D. from posting in non-Pit administrative threads? (Note that I have absolutely no say in any of this, but am just throwing ideas out there.)

How about giving QED a special tag that says “NOTAMOD?” That oughta work…

How about “Straight Dope Staff Writer”? “Advisory Board” doesn’t work quite right since it sounds like it has something to do with the message board.