Q for Brit Dopers - the 'Bad Wolf' on Doctor Who

Back when the new “Doctor Who” premiered in England, I resisted reading the spoilers for individual episodes because I knew that they would make it the states in some form or another (either on the Sci-Fi channel, or as a DVD collection, or both). But I was aware of some general things, like for instance the Daleks returning (though I thought there’d be more than a single ‘Hugh Borg’-ified Dalek :rolleyes: ).

Naturally, I saw random bits about the term “Bad Wolf” running through the first season. From what I gathered, there was some reference to the term “Bad Wolf” in almost every episode, and that it somehow ties into the Doctor’s next regeneration (I was spoiled just that much). I’ve been watching the new episodes pretty steadily, but so far I’ve only noticed the term referenced twice: 1) the Charles Dickens episode - the psychic maid says she sees “a Big Bad Wolf” in Rose’s mind, 2) the kid who spraypaints ‘Bad Wolf’ on the TARDIS during the Slytheen episodes. I guess I must have missed a few more references.

So far, the Sci-Fi channel has aired almost half the new series. The latest episode (the ep. title eludes me) had the Doctor kicking Adam off the TARDIS for trying to alter history. I’m wondering what I might have missed. I’m not looking to get spoiled to the ultimate solution (I held out this long, I may as well wait until I see the actual ep), I’m just wondering what other ‘clues’ I may have missed.

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Each episode does include a reference to Bad Wolf- I can’t remember them all, but in the second ep., the little blue dude is overheard mentioning a “Bad Wolf scenario” to the Face of Boe, in the sixth (Dalek) episode, Van Statten’s helicopter is called “Bad Wolf I”, and in the one you just watched, Platform 1 is owned by…the Bad Wolf corporation!

There are no real other clues that you have missed, but the situation gets a lot more intriguing in Episode…uh, 10?

And then there’s Season 2… :slight_smile:

No wolves so far.

Many of the “Bad Wolf” references are the “blink and you’ll miss it” sort, so don’t feel bad about missing them. In “World War Three” the reference was a newscaster’s name: Mal Loup, French for guess what. I think a future episode (future in the US, that is) uses the Welsh for “bad wolf”.

There are lists of the references online, and indeed an entire “Bad Wolf” web site which the BBC set up (contains spoilers; google “Bad Wolf”). It’s not as much fun as the spoof UNIT web site (www.unit.org.uk); check the list of publications on that site.

Umm… episode 2?

This is possibly embarassing to admit, but I don’t care. I’m a Brit. I watched and enjoyed all the Eccleston Dr Who episodes, the entire first series. I noticed the Bad Wolf motif all the way through, but I still don’t get what it was all about, what it meant or if it was resolved by the end of the series. If anyone would care to enlighten me (you can call me inattentive and stupid as well, I don’t care so long as you explain it to me) can they do so, either with a big, well-marked SPOILER box here, or via my email address (see profile).


There’s a lot of them in the final episode of the series, you can’t have missed them all.

Besides, there’s a bit of controversy amongst some fans that this “Hugh Borg” Dalek was actually the way the Daleks should be. It was only the use of the Davros character that required them to be relegated to the side lines as brainless henchmen of sorts.

Here’s an obligatory Wiki link.

Spoilers obviously :slight_smile:

He hasn’t seen it yet- pity the American.

D’oh! At the time of writing, I hadn’t seen it yet. I recorded.

Did you notice when the werewolf said that Rose was “of the wolf”- but you are from the sun, and I need the moon, or something like that? Maybe some trace of Bad Wolf lingers on…

and having read the obligatory Wiki link?

Inattentive, Stupid Ianzin!

and having read the obligatory Wiki link?

Inattentive, Stupid Ianzin! :smiley:

I hope it’s going to be a continuing meme throughout Rose’s stay as a companion.