Q2: Engagement Rings

How do guys go about buying an engagement ring which fits? Do the stores give you a faux ring by which to surprise her? Do you guess, and then return it? Personally, I used a “ring pop” and then we went ring shopping together.
We both had a good laugh…

  • Jinx

Guess and return it if it is wrong. They will be able to resize the ring easily.

Well, both my sister and her husband, and my brother and his fiancee picked out the engagement rings and wedding rings as a couple. My other sister’s ex-fiancee surprised her with the engagement ring, but as they’d been going out for a couple of years, he knew her ring size.

If you don’t want to ask, try playing with one of her rings. See how it fits on some of your fingers (how far down it goes on which finger), and you’ll have a rough guide to go by.

My fiancee went through my jewerly box and took a ring I wear sometimes to the jeweler for them to size the engagement ring.

Having a ring that fit me was an added touch that I thought was really sweet.

Well, it wasn’t an engagement ring, but last year for Christmas my boyfriend bought me a “ring watch” and he held up a finger to the salesperson and said, her finger is about that size. It was still a little too big, but it was the thought that counts.