Quake 2 for PC and gamepad?

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OK, I’m a tech guru, but I don’t have tons of time to figure this one out.

In an effort to catch up with my 11-year-old nephew who’s a XBox 360 fanatic, I’m trying to find/play “computer” games that I’m familiar with. One thing I have to shift to is a gamepad/controller instead of mouse/keyboard. So, one thing I’d like to do is practice with my Quake 2 on the PC (using winquake) and a Logitech Chillstream controller (identical layout to an XBox controller).

However, I can’t find any definitive instructions for this in da Internet Pipes, in fact I can’t figure out if it’s even possible! I get lots of blog/forum entries, but they’re not very specific.

Anyone done this? Pointers or whatever would be much appreciated.