Quake strikes Southern California

Any of you have any damage or things fall off the shelf? Or perhaps your pets went
crazy just before it hit? Things shook quite a bit here in the Long Beach area but looking
around my house things seem to be fine.

It was a pretty strong one this time - a 5.1 - but fortunately it was centered way out in
the desert near Borrego Sprints. Hope everyone is OK.

200 miles away and barely felt it – a long, slow roller. Apparently it was two quakes, same magnitude, spaced about a minute apart. If I’d been walking around or driving instead of sitting quietly in a chair, I wouldn’t have felt a thing.

The USGS info.

Already 5 aftershocks, 3 of them 3.5. Whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on.

Eh, my pets are crazy already.
Here in Orange County, just a bit closer to the epicenter, it was a “roller” that lasted a few seconds. I was mostly awake already when it hit so I had just enough time to wonder if it would be damaging but then dismiss it as “big but far away”. The USGS page that ftg linked to has a yellow button near the top labeled DIFI? (Did You Feel It?) - you can click through to a short questionnaire that will calculate the intensity you felt and add that datum to an area map.

I’ve had the “Borrego sprints” a few times but some pink bismuth settles that right down.

It woke me up here in L.A., but it didn’t feel strong enough to do anything beyond that. It lasted a while, but didn’t shake too hard.

Slept through it in Alhambra.

Culver City. I was playing WoW at the time and didn’t even know it happened until I saw 43 threads on Reddit a half hour later.

Read this first as Alabama, and I was saying, well, I would hope so!

Beverly Hills; not even a ripple.

Border of Riverside/San Bernardino counties. The wife and I were in bed but awake when it hit. Just one “Wham” and that was it. Didn’t feel any of the aftershocks, and the cats didn’t twig to it before it hit. They sure were freaked out for the next hour or so though.

Slept through it. Then again, I was about a mile and a quarter from the epicenter of the 1994 Northridge earthquake, so I don’t even bother to get out of bed for anything less than a 6.0 these days.

I didn’t feel a thing here in Carson, and I had not yet gone to bed. Also the cats just yawn and stare wistfully at their bowl of kibble.

My mother is in San Diego. She felt the sofa shake, but nothing else. Nothing fell off the shelves. No one in her apartment complex even mentioned it the next day.

Didn’t feel it here, and Lake Michigan didn’t erupt in a tsunami. Thank Og.

Here in Burbank, I heard the house make a couple creaks, then saw my glass of bourbon on the table ripple a little.

Makes me think of the T-Rex scene in Jurassic Park, snfaulkner!

The Richter Scale, in addition to being obsolete and used only by the general press, is a logarithmic scale.
I believe it is a factor 10 scale, which means a 5 is ten times a 4 and a 7 is 100 times a 5.

The Loma Prieta (SF, 1989) was a 7.1 (upgraded from a preliminary 6.9).

A 5.2? Stand near the tracks when a heavy freight train passes.

IOW: Boringggg

I kinda had the same thought, which was quickly forgotten when I drank the bourbon.