LA's Earthquake Season - La Habra Edition

I assume all of the LA Dopers felt that one. Pretty decent size. I’m up in the valley and felt it plenty good. One of my cats is still spooked half an hour later.

Anyone else checking in?

It was pretty strong here in Long Beach. I felt sure that something was going to fall off the
shelf or the power was going to go off. One of the thoughts that went through my mind
while everything was shaking was that I didn’t get earthquake insurance when I bought my
house last year.

I have heard that folks in La Habra lost phone service, but I haven’t heard of any other impact. It was interesting watching the Dodger game and seeing the camera shaking on TV while riding it out at home.

South Orange County here. It was strong enough that I got that “pit of my stomach” feeling.

Felt it in Culver City.

I’m listening to KNX radio now (11:35) and they are interviewing a chap from La Habra who reports sizeable, if minor, damage in their area, about a mile from the epicenter.

I’m in Carson and it seemed to go on for about 20 or 30 seconds, tapering off slowly.

South Whittier here. My Blazing Saddles DVD fell off the shelf. That’s it.

This was probably the strongest quake I’ve felt since Northridge, which I experienced from Burbank.

I think it happened while I was picking up my prescription at the Pan City Kaiser. Says something for the way it’s constructed that I didn’t feel a thing.

That massage was too brief. I was at work with three others. When it rolled, first thing outta my mouth was, “Save your work. I ain’t fucking doing this project again!”

Yes, I’m from East Coast, but that was 15 years ago. It’s just the Earth stretching her shoulders, saying, “Go to bed, humans!” :smiley:

I used to live on Clarington at Palms.

I was working in an office on Century and Sepulveda when an earthquake hit, on a terminal (this is before everyone had a computer at his desk) against a window. I saved what I was doing so that I would not lose all of my work.

Sounds like SoCal is rockin’ and rollin’ quite a bit recently. I think I’ve felt one small tremor since I moved to the PNW. All we have here is a volcano about 50 miles away, and it doesn’t even erupt. But when the Juan de Fuca plate cuts loose… Look out. The last time there was a megathrust earthquake there, it is estimated to have been between 8.7 and 9.2 magnitude. Fortunately, quakes above magnitude 8 only happen there an average of once every 240 years, and the last one was only on 26 January, 1700. Oh, wait…

As for Los Angeles and earthquakes…

Official number this morning is that it pegged a 5.1. We flt it out in the Inland Empire. Just a little rumble that my wife felt, then one sharp jolt followed by a few seconds of swaying. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Yeah, there’s nothing quite like that initial shaking, and your thought “How bad is this one gonna be?”
We had one thing fall off a shelf, I’ve probably gained a few more cracks in the plaster - gives it character, don’tcha know?

Broken objects at my house. Glasses fell out of the cabinet. Two large ceramic figurines in our backyard are broken and right now I put them back together with polyurethane glue.

I am VERY close to the epicenter. Water from the swimming pool splashed out all the way to the street. My cat was seriously spooked.

This is not my first earthquake. This one, however, was very violent. Like an impact rather than the normal swaying, shaking and rumbling. At first I thought a truck or small plane crashed into the house next door. Only when I went to the website did I understand that it was basically down the street from my home. We are almost on top of it. I didn’t lose power, but the people in La Habra did.

To check for broken water pipes I went out to the water meter to see if the leak indicator was turning, then did a walk around of the property. No damage visible other than the small items.

Earlier in the evening there were a few smaller quakes, but when the 5.1 hit I was on the couch with the cat watching Adore on Netflix with a glass of scotch on the table. It spilled my scotch.:mad:

Another aftershock 2 minutes ago. Picture fell.

Wow toofs, that’s pretty scary. Glad you’re okay. Stay that way!

Gimme an update on that, as I haven’t been around there for a while.

That would be the NEW Pan City Kaiser, right? Is the new building long-since completed and open for business? Last time I was in that quadrant of the galaxy, they were still using the old hospital (I can still remember when they built that!) and the new one was still a work in progress.

Spiny Norman and I felt it out in Redondo Beach, three blocks from the ocean. And I felt the ~3PM aftershock today. Last night’s quake rocked our house for what felt like forever for a typical earthquake. Usually they’re about 5 seconds or so, but this one lasted at least 30. Dogs couldn’t have cared less, which surprised me.

Wow! If it shook us in east Ventura county, I didn’t feel it. In fact, this is the first I’ve heard about it. Then again, I think I was on the motorcycle around 9AM, blazing up the on-ramp to the 23 freeway.

And then there was that aftershock in the same area about 45 minutes ago. We didn’t feel a thing out here in Agoura Hills, but it was only a 2.7 hiccup.