Quality FREE Macintosh File-Sharing Programs? (similar to Kazaa)

My brother is lending me his iMac and I just hooked up high-speed internet. I must say that I’m disappointed that I can’t use Kazaa.com because it is such a great program. I am skeptical of all of the other similar programs I’ve found for Mac and thought that I’d check with all of you before downloading something.

Thank you!


SWEET MERCIFUL WEEPING LADY OF LOURDES. Why in the world would you start a thread like this? KNOWING FULL WELL that it’s going to be locked?

Limewire is what I use on my Ibook and it works quite well.

I must admit that one of the first things I do when I come to the SDMB is go to GQ and read what great comments manhattan has when he closes threads. I got to this one just a little early. Waiting…waiting…

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Didn’t know that this was anything that would get deleted. Sorry! But thanks for the help anyway.

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The words “Kazaa” and “quality” don’t belong in the same post. Spyware is spyware, no matter how popular it is.

Before it’s closed down…

Acquisition is a GREAT sharing app for OS X. The latest revision is super fast when hooking up to servers and I has pretty reliable connections.

It has a tiny bit of nag-ware (a request to buy that pops up every 45 minutes) but it doesn’t stop your current downloads or anything. Just click the “later” button and carry on.

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