quark to something cheap converter?

I have all these old quark (I think 4.0) files for the PC that I would like to use. I don’t want to pay megabucks for Xpress. Is there anyway of converting them them into something I can use (even a jpg would be helpful). I dont know anyone with quark so that isn’t an option. I have found a converter to frontpage, but as I dont have that either, its not much use.

If you can open them (assuming you have quark 4), you can print them to disk as postscript files. Then you can (If you have Acrobat distiller) write a pdf from the .ps files, or (2) send them to a buddy that does have Acrobat. He or she can email you back pdfs, which you can view and read in Acrobat Reader (free) or modify and edit in Illustrator or Full-on Acrobat.

Beats the sh*t out of having a jpg of your quark Xpress doc - what the heck can you do with that, anyway? (except annoy folks…)

Turn on your email for a few hours and I might be able to fix everything. I’d rather talk to you offline, and your email is blocked (as is mine).

stockton, thanks for the offer! I have just found one of my neighbours has pagemaker, so I should be able to import into that. I will let you know if that fails