Quasimodem, come back, and bring pie

Strange and sad reaction from Quasimodem in this thread. which seems to be full of nothing but kind and cheeky remarks. Maybe something weant on behind the scenes to cause more upset. I’m just starting this to allow dopers to show they like Quasimodem and would like him to come back if he so wishes. Just look at Quasi’s history of postings to see he is one of the good guys.

Yes, please, I am befuddled that a thread about two people having lunch should take such a bizarre turn. There must be some circumstance we don’t know about.

If it helps, Quasi, I’ve got chocolate!

Quasi and I share a birthday – so you know he’s cool.

Haven’t seen you around in a while – I’d hate to think we’d driven you off with some teasing. We don’t really think that you’ve done anything wrong or that you have evil designs on TubaDiva. We were just being smartasses. You know, typical Dopers.

Hmm, see this thread in ATMB.

Weird weird weird.

Friendship and love is complex, and probably shouldn’t be discussed on a message board when it applys to members of that board. From the other thread I see that Quasimodem knows he is well respected and loved here, and so this thread becomes unnecessary.
If a mod would like to close this thread, then that is fine, though if they think it can do some good by remaining open, that also is fine.

Closed for a coupla reasons:

1.) OP’s request
2.) Not everyone saw the linked ATMB thread in twickster’s last post, but Dex requested that those involved work it out between and for themselves. So, no more threads about it.