Quebec mom in brawl with polar bear.

The incident busted up a street hockey game.

It just got a lot harder to smirk at some of our southern neighbours’ conceptions about Canadian life.

Holy crap, though. What a woman! Never mind that it’s seven times her size and outfitted with terrible teeth and claws, this polar bear looked at her kid the wrong way and she rushed it, got in some licks, and all of her internal organs remain internal and she still has a face.

Usually, when someone’s so awesome, my stock response is a Lola Heatherton “I wanna bear your children!” Not this time, though. She might take it the wrong way and kick my ass.

The lesson learned today: never get between a Canadian and their hockey game.

LOL! Indeed. Indeed.

It’s late and I can’t find a date on that other than today’s, but I could have sworn I read about that a week or two ago. My (Yellowknife-dwelling) sister would have sent me the link.

Wonder if she’s related to this guy…

She obviously shares a genetic link with Chuck Norris.

heh… Lydia Angyiou doesn’t sleep, she waits.

Yes, but her testicles not only weigh more but probably make a loud clanging sound every time she crosses her legs.

Well, that second paragraph is just cheating.

Umm, I think the proper phrase is they are made of brass, they clang together when she walks, and sparks fly out of her ass.

Just my humble opinion.

Lydia Angyiou once roundhouse kicked someone so hard that her foot broke the speed of light, went back in time, and killed Amelia Earhart while she was flying over the Pacific Ocean. :smiley: :smiley: from the 17th (including a photo of the bear).

I think what the writer meant to say was that the shots distracted Ms. Angyiou’s attention from the bear.

Heh heh.

Huh. This story bumped bears back up to the #1 threat on Colbert’s “Threatdown.”

He seemed shaken. I should’ve known this would happen- you take your attention off the bears for just a minute, and they take advantage.