Im new to straightdope!!! Please help me! I dont know what to do!!! eh…heh heh heh. Im a good friend of cougarfang, but you know her… (she needs a pretty good phychiatrist…:smiley: )

uh oh…I think I just killed my very first thread… Time to start a new thread…

Hello, the thread killer; welcome to the SDMB. Let me be the first to ask you:

What the heck does “quee” mean?

And what the hell is a “phychiatrist”?

Oh yeah, I second that “quee” thing .

Welcome aboard.

See what you’ve done, the thread killer? You’ve started thousands of Dopers wondering 'bout “Quee”.

Good start! Welcome to the SDMB. Any friend of Cougarfang is a friend of ours.

eh…I meant to say…Ok. Never mind. I dont know how to spell the word correctly. sigh “Sy-Kia-Trist.” and “Quee” is this sound people make when they feel confused and lost. :slight_smile:

Onnnn…what planet is this? I do so like to learn the customs of “Visitors” from “out of town”.
Also, welcome to the Board. I’ve seen less auspicious beginings turn out well. Cheer up! :slight_smile:

Well, I think Cougarfang lives in Taiwan. So it’s possible she’s got friends from places like that. Maybe quee is sort of Chinese? (Just going with the benefit of the doubt theory here, let’s not beat up the new kid until s/he’s had a chance to explain)

Hi the thread killer, any friend of Cougarfang’s is, well, apt to be furry. Welcome.

Gapes in astonishment

I didn’t think you’d register today! Dagnabbit, I even had a nice introductory thingamajiggy all ready to post, and here I find you already posting. Argh!

Anyhoo, I’ll just wait for White Lightning to come along with his wonderfully enlightening newbie-informing posts (which cover much more than I can ever remember or look up).
Bosda, we both come from Taiwan, which is a teeny little island on the largest ocean of the planet Earth, along the coastline of the biggest continent (IIRC).
Ice Wolf, I wouldn’t be so sure of that last statement… cackles evilly :smiley:

[sub]Whadya mean I need a psychiatrist? Huh? Little punk… trails off into incoherent mumbling[/sub]

Upon preview: Shibb! You took the wind out of my sails! :mad: [sub]Furry? Hmmm… :p[/sub]

Oh, and about the “quee” thing… I asked her about that this morning (for us), and she wouldn’t tell me. Well, now I’ve found out, albeit by a rather circular route… :stuck_out_tongue:

(All-right!!! All-right!!! I’ll tell everyone the truth - Both cougarfang and I know each other, but dont get any ideas! We’re from different planets!)

eep Hides behind Shibb

No need to be violent, eh, kitty???

I’m no cat! (maybe just a puppy… :D)

The Quangle Wangle quee?

This may be the strangest thread I’ve ever seen.

On this board, with all the raving loonies we’ve had, that’s quite an accomplishment.


Aw, Cougarfang… you’ll make me blush.

It doesn’t work anymore! Half the threads I used to link got lost in the Exodus, and the links to the other half don’t work (because of the software conversion, I presume). I’ve been meaning to get around to revising my spiel, but I’ve been too lazy. Hopefully this unexpected bit of recognition (I’m tickled!) will be enough to motivate me.

For now, let me say hello to the thread killer, and you should go get welcomed. No one’s had a proper welcome in over a month.
[sub]Also, don’t forget to have a look at the sticky FAQs at the top of ATMB: here and here.[/sub]

Are you sure you are new? Or maybe I’ve seen you in other parts eh? I know Ive heard of threadkiller before. In fact I was beseeching you to appear and do your thing in the pit the other day and here you are all brand new and covered with dew and peeking out from underneath the cabbage leaves. A precocious newbie you are too. Welcome!