Question about a "guest post"

I was reading the thread in Cafe Society about Weight Watchers. My wife has been on it for a couple months now and been quite successful. I was planning on having her post under my account (just once) in the hope that her advice would help the OP.

However, on the “lonelygirl15” thread, TubaDiva suspended a member’s account because her son posted under his account. I just wanted to know if what I wanted to do would be considered the same thing.

I will accede to your judgment on this matter (though the Mrs. would be a bit more articulate than the young man in question).

They’re pretty strict about it. Have her sign up for a guest membership.

I disagree about her need to sign up for a guest membership (all due respect, twickster). But, I think you should probably wait for a mod/admin to weigh in.

It’s an entirely different situation than the lonelygirl15 thread. There, a poster’s kid “hijacked” his mom’s account. That is, he was posting under her name without her permission.

Here, we have a poster’s wife who is going to post (potentially) valuable, firsthand information, with the permission of the poster. Surely this scenario is not only different, not only permitted, but actually encouraged.

So to the OP, having your wife post helpful information on your account (with your permission, and with full disclosure) seems to me to be a lot different than somebody’s son/friend/sister/etc “hijacking” his or her account.

It just seems pointless to force his wife to sign up, when he could just as easily have her sit there and type “my wife says …blah…blah…etc.” I don’t think there’s any real need, in this case, to mindlessly insist that she get her own guest membership.

But that’s just my opinion. Wait till the big boys/girls tell you what’s what.

Appreciate the input, guys.

All-powerful mods, what say you?

Really. Why not just say “This is what my wife, who should know, says”?

Just my experiance but in the past there have been topics where Ms.Nic could give valuable input and I simply type her comments after saying
“I have Ms.Nic here with me and she says…” and I’ve never gotten any negitive responce from the Mods.

No, in the past, spouses using one account have been told that’s not allowed. Even with the best of intentions.

Your opinion is incorrect on all counts. We expect all who post to the SDMB to each have an individual login. We have a fair amount of spouses, siblings, parent & child, etc., pairs who post from the same place, but they are all expected to acquire and use their own usernames, and their own subscriptions.

want2know, your wife may not share your login. Please have her sign up for a guest membership to post.

Fine, fine. This is the policy (whether or not it makes sense to me). All who post to the SDMB must have an individual login. Cool. I do not want to argue it or drag this thread out.

However — quick related question: is posting “hearsay” (not the legal definition, but the common use definition) allowed then? Can you say “My mother is standing right here and she says ___”? Or the example provided by Nic2004? Are these situations unacceptable as well?

My… opinion is wrong? Apologies for my thickheadedness, but you’re gonna have to explain this one to me, Frank. Ok, my opinion of the way things should be is not SDMB policy. That means that my opinion is “wrong”?

It is my opinion that peanut butter is fantastic! Is that right or wrong? :dubious:

Sorry, sorry. I meant “incorrect.” Please ignore the “wrong” in quotes up there. :smack:

So my question would be: It is my opinion that peanut butter is fantastic. Is that correct or incorrect?

Oh, for pete’s sake! At the end of the post I quoted above, you stated:

You responded to a question with information that was completely and absolutely incorrect. Your “opinion” is wrong.

Sure sounds like your opinion here, Doctor. And it’s wrong. Counter to Board Policy.

. Again, your opinion, you’re wrong, again.

Now you’re getting it. Except HE needs to sit there and do the typing.

And they did.

Don’t you realize that there are sheep out there? :slight_smile:

Are you serious? Where’s the completely and absolutely incorrect information in my post? Hell, where is the information in my post? Where did I say “Board policy is X” or “You can do this because it’s been done before” or anything similar? Where did I fail to use qualifiers that made it clear that I was stating my opinion of what the rule should be, and rather what the rule is?

I gave my opinion that it should be permitted for all the reasons I stated. Most importantly, I thought it pointless for it to be okay if he simply typed “My wife says _______” but not ok for her to fire off a one-time post with full disclosure. I still think it’s pointless, but them’s the rules.

That’s fine. That was my opinion. It’s not board policy, but that doesn’t make my opinion incorrect.

Hell, it’s my opinion that we shouldn’t have invaded Iraq, but that’s not US Government policy. Does that make my opinion incorrect?

So to just wrap this up from my end: I gave my opinion. I never stated board policy. And my opinion of what board policy should be, is not what board policy is. I can live with that.

That said, since I’ve had two of you big boys weigh in to argue with me, either of you want to answer the question I posed in my second post? samclem alluded to it somewhat, but I’d like to have it clarified please.

That is, is posting “hearsay” (not the legal definition, but the common use definition) allowed then? Can you say “My mother is standing right here and she says ___”? Or the example provided by Nic2004? Are these situations unacceptable as well?

Is it a full moon or something?

samclem did more than allude.

What’s unclear about that?

Geez, Doctor Who, take a 'lude.

To state for the record:

You can ask a question on behalf of someone in your family or a friend, there’s no problem in that; a question or two, that’s not a deal. If there was a lot of this we might question it after a while but we haven’t seen anything like that.

But two people cannot share a registration.

If your family member would like to participate here at the Straight Dope Message Board we ask that they get their own registration and their own subscription.

Sorry, we do not currently offer a family plan.

In the example cited I suspended kittenblue’s account until she can get good control of it; her son was using it without her knowledge or her permission. That’s an entirely different situation altogether and absolutely not allowed; we consider that as we would any account that had been hijacked or taken over by someone else who did not own it.