Question about a mod warning

I got warned for making a “pit-worthy” post in MPSIMS. Post link is here.

I don’t think the warning is warranted. I didn’t break any MPSIMS rules. I did not insult Silver Tyger Girl. I said her website looks like something I made when I was 11, because it does. I said I snickered when I saw it, because I did. I was providing an honest criticism of a childish webpage. At first I thought it was a joke. Then reading her increasingly irrational replies, I saw that it was not.

I didn’t say that STG was a terrible artist who should give up any aspirations of being a graphic designer. THAT would be a pit-worthy statement. But I didn’t make that statement, nor am I making it now.

You were snarky, you got warned, thems the breaks.

You poked a sacred cow when we’d all been told off for being “mean” to her. No wonder you got a warning.

Not saying it’s right, just saying it’s not wholly unexpected.

Did the OP get a warning for telling people to “shut the fuck up”? Is that against the rules? It sure seems more pit-worthy than the tame responses that got warnings.

Why did the commentors get criticized for being snarky but the OP was extremely rude and snarky and no one cared? I really don’t understand this.

Because she’s a speshool snowfwake who was just trying to get huggles and loves for her pretty pictures, and people to confirm how good she is and how unfair it is that she hasn’t got a job as Head Artist at Marvel Comics yet, and we were all just great big dickbag jerks who were only there to tell her how much she sucked.


I assumed the first ‘cut it out’ was meant toward everybody.

Disingenuousness does not become you, rachelellogram. Others were blunt yes, but they also were discussing the merits and weaknesses of her work (including what they saw as her attitude toward work). You jumped in and compared her professional output to that of an 11-year-old — and jeered at it. That’s an insult.

Czarcasm came in to moderate earlier in the thread, admonishing all to quit the pit-worthy statements, which would include the OP’s “shut the fuck up” type responses. I did not see her making any more after his note; I’d be happy to go back and check.

As far as the “special snowflake” characterizations of the OP, I have no idea what you’re talking about, Sierra Indigo. She doesn’t get any special pass. I saw people ganging up when they smelled blood — the blunt critiques of her work mentioned above, and taking that as license to behave nastily. That’s why I issued warnings.

Yeah, you may not have insulted her, strictly speaking but your post was not constructive or useful, just mean and nasty. We’re really not supposed to be that in MPSIMS so deal.

I too agree with the moderation on this issue, an excellent call and well explained by moderator here in this thread.

Not seeing any fault with the modding here. ** Czarcasm** said stop it or you’ll get in trouble. He’s a mod. He gets to do that. You didn’t stop it. You got in trouble. Ellen enforced the instruction previously given. If you needed clarification of the instruction, you could have started a thread here to ask for it…before posting.

You assumed correctly.
Edited to add-why is everybody saying the thread was in MPSIMS, when it was in IMHO?

Oh well, either way, it’s still not the pit.

I’m chiming in to add my support of the good moderating decision and clear explanations in the thread from Ellen Cherry. Thanks!

Mod said to keep it civil. Either you:

a) think it’s civil to compare someone’s work to that of 11 year old when they ask for constructive feedback; or
b) intentionally disregarded the mod instructions

No one here can know for sure besides you, but I think most people are going to lean toward b).

Frankly, that thread is a total clusterfuck. IMO it should have been closed when STG said she’d be ignoring the thread unless people told her what she wanted to hear.

Can’t win 'em all, I guess.

First of all, just because we’re fighting ignorance here…

Being an 11 years old and an artist isn’t in any way an insult.

See this

I am, to say the least, a little sceptical about some of those age attributions.

Provided the link is real, then you guys (natch, the OP and others upset) should realize she’s all of 16. She’s a kid, ferchrissakes.