Question about a mod warning

Truth is not a defense against being a jerk.

I don’t have a dog in this food fight, but are you asserting that Silver Tyger Girl, the OP of the thread that started all this is 16?

She says she’s got an AS, a BA, & 7 years experience. Taking her at her word, even if she counts all 4 years of college as experience & started college at age 14, she’d be 21 now. For a more typical college-then-career path, she’d be old enough that her age isn’t an issue.

Or are you suggesting somebody else is 16 and I’m confused? (Which wouldn’t be the first time even today.)

There’s a line between constructive criticism, even harsh criticism, and being an insulting jerk. Rachelellogram’s post served no purpose other than to be spiteful. The warning was spot on. I wish there were more like it, outside the pit.

Adddendum to my post quoted above. In Silver Tyger Girl’s thread she posted in post #18 that she was age 30.

So for sure either **Lindsaybluth **or I am/are confused.

That was good moderating. I have no complaints.

Perhaps she’s conflating the link Morgenstern posted with the thread in question. The link in post #20 is for another artist.

Morgenstern posted a link to a different artist who is only 16 and people are getting confused, that’s all.

Nope, I’m the one with the red face here - I thought Morgensten’s link WAS Silver Tyger Girl’s personal website. Which struck me as odd, because I thought she was a 30 something adult. What Morgensten linked to is a 16 year old girl.

Initial comment rescinded.

I also agree with the modding in question. I am a designer and did not participate in that thread after it became apparent the OP did not really want what she was asking for. Blunt (but great) advise had already been given and ignored. rachelellogram’s pile-on did seem pitt-ish to me.

Thread is now locked, and rightfully so. cheers!



Just because you find one example of a spectacular artist that is incredibly young (apparently spanning the age of 11), that does not change the fact that the average 11 year old art output is not what one would call professional.

No, but I’ve established a range for artist age that debunks youth as incapable of great art.
If you look at her gallery you’ll see that prior to age 11 she was in fact, a great artist.

I’m sorry, did someone say they weren’t capable?

No one said all youth are incapable of great art, but that does not change the fact that a comment “That looks like something drawn by an 11 year old” is going to be taken on an average basis, not one-in-a-billion outliers. Or “That looks like something I did when I was 11.” Note that the remark was not made by the 16 year old girl who you link was a great artist at 11.

No one of course made any such claim. Unless you think that rachelellogram was a good artist at age 11 (she indicated that it looks like something that she made at the age of 11, not a child prodigy) and intended her remark as a compliment then your post is irrelevant.

How can anyone read what rachelellogram wrote as anything but an insult? The setup line for “the art of an 11 year old” was this:

This was a cheapshot - whether or not the OP was taking previous criticism well had no bearing.

And I don’t understand the glee of rachelellogram for the thread closure. What’s it to them? If one doesn’t like the direction a thread is taking, don’t click on it, and mind your own business.

Yeah, well this is the same person who doesn’t understand that a verbal lease isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on so…

That remark was a bit petty, IMO.

Honestly, I wondered the same thing (as the lone cashew’s remark, that is) and I have no dog in this fight. She did seem pretty pleased it got closed, like it justified her snark or something.