Question about a song's lyrics

Many years ago, I did folk and Scottish country dancing. On the record that my group used for St Barnard’s Waltz were two tunes I particularly liked: “After the Ball Is Over” and “Two Lovely Brown Eyes,” which I believe were British music hall favorites.

Now, I can find the first of these on line, but searches for the latter only turn up what I think are parody versions. I know it has lyrics, since I’ve heard it sung at Andre Rieu concerts. But for the life of me, I cannot understand a bloody word they’re saying!

Does anybody out there know the words to “Two Lovely Brown Eyes”? :frowning:

Are these the words?"Two%20Lovely%20Brown%20Eyes"&pg=PA167#v=onepage&q="Two%20Lovely%20Brown%20Eyes"&f=false

That certainly looks like them, yes. :slight_smile:

Actually, I think that’s a parody version as well. “Miss Bowdler at the Music Halls: Popular Songs Re-Sung.” :frowning:

Here is the song at one of Rieu’s concerts, under the title “Vieni sul mar.” I think the audience must be singing versions in five or six different languages, but the melody is unmistakable: