Question about Road Rules Latin America

What happened to Gladys? Also, does anyone else think that Joshua looks oddly like Mike Mills, bass player for REM?

Did you watch the whole season? If so, your guess is as good as mine regarding Gladys

Josh looks like Mike Mills? I don’t see it.

I love Road Rules and Real World.

I’ve been watching the reruns on MTV for the past week, and I missed a day b/c I had to open at work. When I came back, Gladys was gone, and I have no clue why. Something with her and Abe, I’m assuming.

First of all, I’d like to request that no one judge me for knowing this.

Gladys and Abe (he was the annoying 18 year old, right?) got into a fight, he called her a bitch, so she bitch-slapped him. After much ado, she was asked to leave by the producers, despite the cast, including Abe, begging them to let her stay.

Josh looks a teeny bit like Mike Mills. He looks a LOT like a kid I knew in high school, though.

I remember that!

And, quite honestly, if someone was constantly on my back the way Gladys was on Abe’s, I would goad them into getting kicked out, too.

I’m not a big fan of anyone telling me that they would kick my ass. Especially if it’s a woman, since I won’t fight back. If you’re gonna threaten someone, threaten someone who can come back at you.

Yaddah yaddah yaddah.

But I thought that Piggy slapped Los on the Real World/Road Rules challenge. How come she didn’t get kicked off?

okay, on the real world/road rules challenge, they had no documented proof of whether she slapped him or not. In the road rules latin america, they had the scene on tape, and therefore could do something about it. As for the real world/road rules challenge incident, they had no proof of whether Piggy had hit Los or whether Los as just bullshitting them to get her kicked off the show. Appparently Los doesn’t like Piggy for afrocentric reasons, i.e.- she’s not black enough for Los or something.

I think the Real World/Road Rules need to be stopped. It was good the first 3 seasons, but now is retarded.