Real World/Road Rules

I am shocked this topic hasn’t come up before; after reading the guilty pleasures thread and my question about road rules Latin America, I can see we have a lot of fans. Who do you think is the sexiest person from real world/road rules? My top five are:

  1. Dan from Miami
  2. Yes from Semester at sea
  3. Brian from Latin America
  4. Shayne from Australia
  5. Justin from Hawaii

I haven’t watched The Real World since the third (I think it was the third) season.

I don’t think there was anyone I would consider sexy on any of those shows.

I haven’t watched the Real World since around the 3rd season or so, too. By then, the whole premise the shows were based on just became too worn and stretched thin.

Sexy men on these shows? Hardly. I would never consider obnoxious, self-centered jerks sexy. I’ve never seen a *really * good guy in these shows–and I’m sure MTV does that for reasons that tension in the households make for good television.

I’ve only ever seen the show one or two times.

But I thought I would mention that the house they used for San Francisco (first season, I believe) burned down a couple of days ago.

Sexiest: David from Seattle. Got to love that blue eye/brown eye thang!

Jud from San Francisco is lookin’ good these days, though. He’s buff!

Can’t remember her name for sure. I think it was something like Amaya. The blonde from Hawaii… She was the one who threw a fit for having to bob for pig’s feet. She’s WAY too whiney, but hey, those boobs are something else. Don’t think I could handle a long term relationship with her, but I sure wouldn’t mind “handling” something else for a few hours… :smiley:

The whole shows sucks big time. Sorry for the mini-rant.

Rachel from seattle, got to be the hair…

the show is pretty beat but its still good for a laugh now and then

I’ll second Amaya from Hawaii. She was whiney but something tells me I could get over it. Actually, two things tell me I could get over it.

I’ll second David from Seattle. Those eyes…mmmm.

Random side note: Remember Rebecca’s friend Chris who helped her write/perform a song in Seattle? I knew him. Went to my college. My random “I knew someone on Real World” moment.

And David…and Colin…

I LOVE this show! I watch it every week.

So far, I love the new RW. I feel a definite RW4 vibe - not too much drama, just enough, no hysterical bitches (amaya) or freaks (irene). I hope this season rocks because the last two have sucked! :slight_smile:

Did anyone watch the premiere of Real World New Orleans tonight? I think it looks like it could be really great. Lots of potential hook-ups.

I’m liking this season so much! I’m totally loving this cast…especially the whole David-Molly Mormon (forgot her name)-Matt connection.

I love this show!

Some of the comments that the other girl (Melissa?) was making, like “I hope all the other girls are ugly so I can be the shining star of the house,” made it seem like she could be a potential irritant. Especially with that thing in the previews where she got all pissed off about something and kind of threw her chair. And Matt wearing those sunglasses in the house! He looks like a bug. David and Kelley seem cool, though.

I’m trying to think if I ever found anyone on the Real World sexy. I don’t remember thinking that. Colin was cute, and I think he probably got a raw deal in how he was portrayed since he was constantly sharing scenes with the queen of whiners, Amaya.

I didn’t enjoy the Hawaii season much, but it seems to have put a new energy in the show, because before Hawaii I kept hearing it was going to be cancelled after that season.