Question about sitcoms with blurring or bleeping

Often on sitcoms you will see a scene where something is blurred out, or foul language bleeped, usually for comedic effect. (“The Goldbergs” does this quite a bit - Bev Goldberg can be one foul-mouthed lady when she wants to be!) My question is, when these episodes are released on DVD, are they the same censored version that aired, or do they release them unedited? Any specific examples of uncensored versions?

I want to say that Family Guy on DVD is uncensored.

IIRC Reno 911 (another great Wendi McLendon-Covey show) DVDs are uncensored.

And I believe the same is true of other Comedy Central shows like Insomniac and The Man Show.

If it’s done for comedic effect it’s not censored. If it’s different on the DVD release then it’s, well, is there a word that means reverse bowdlerization - adding profanity that wasn’t in the original?

later series of Venture Brothers are uncensored in the DVDs, starting with season 4 I think.