Question about the Ferengi episode of "Enterprise"

Since Sci-Fi channel is now carrying the Enterprise series, i’ve caught a few episodes , as luck would have it, they’ve been the bad ones (are there any good eps of Ent. or are they ALL this bad?), last night one of the eps was the first of many of the “Bergmana Runs Out Of Ideas and Recycles TNG Villans” (BROOIaRTNGV) episodes… (the other lowlight being the Borg episode in Season ?two?

I never followed Ent when it was being broadcast, it never caught my interest, now i remember why…

anyway, one thing i wondered while watching the Ferengi loot NX-01, why didn’t Captain Quantum and Trip team up and kill the Ferengi while they were looting (i know the weapons were gone, but Ferengi skulls seem somewhat soft and squidgy to me, a little blunt-force-trauma might have done some good

and at the end of the ep, when all the “loot” was returned to Enterprise, why did Capt. Quantum simply allow them to fly away, at the very least they should be in the Brig, maybe get Quantum to do a “President Rosyln” and space them, use them as test subjects for the Transporter system, heck why not simply fire off a couple of Photon Torpedos at the fleeing ship to destroy it, I mean, they committed an act of WAR against the Federation, these honorless ptaq’s must die like dogs!, Quantum dishonors Starfleet by letting them get away unscathed, c’mon Quantum, be a true Warrior, destroy their ship! Bathe in their blood!, mount their bleached skulls on your Ready Room walls to show all that would disobey your orders what would happen if they chose such a path!
(sorry, I’m letting my Klingon side out…) :wink:

HaB SoSil Qch!, Quantum

I haven’t seen any good eps

I’ve never seen that Enterprise episode, but isn’t that a continuity error? It is clearly stated in the TNG episode The Last Outpost that a Ferengi had never been seen by a human before. Or was that somehow explained?

Must-read: Wil “Wesley” Wheaton reviews The Last Outpost

Comedy GOLD! :smiley:

Explained in the same way as the Borg… they were an “unidentified species never before encountered”

Given the murderous actions he’s wondering why Quantum doesn’t do, I’m assuming this is one of the last few episodes involving the Mirror, Mirror universe.

Also, as evidenced by the existence of viewscreens on Quantum’s enterprise, that timeline not the standard Federation timeline, a chronal variance of 13.5 and diverging rapidly due to interference from various forces.

Well, at least they got one right…

DS9 established that humans had seen Ferengi as far back as 1947.

Considering how many ships are in the Federation fleet (in any given era) I would find it surprising if the only time we meet new aliens is with the team that is televised. I’m sure the USS Gorgonzola and the USS MachuPicchu also encounter strange new beings with wrinkly foreheads and glowing forcefields that rob you of your memories. They probably met the Ferengi several times before officially logging it so they were recognisably the same race.

Speaking of which, I believe the Ferengi were never clearly seen by the NX-01 crew, giving them the out that they were just some things.

I’ve always wondered why the Federation Starships didn’t have 24 hour high resolution security cameras. They seem to miss important clues to significant events by not having them.

There were some good eps but most did not occur in the 1st or 2nd season.
I thought “Cogenitor,” “Dead Stop” and “The Communicator” were all pretty good, though, as exceptions to what I just said.