Question about tracking read threads

Can someone explain how this board tracks read threads? The behavior seems different depending on how I read the boards.

For example, when I’m logged in, if I visit the boards, there will be unread threads. However, let’s say I open up one or two threads and read them. The next time I look at the boards, any threads on anywhere that haven’t been updated since I last visited will show as read, even if I hadn’t opened the threads.

Now, if I visit the boards when I’m not logged in, only those threads that I actually look at will show as read, while the rest will remain unread, unless I open them.

I prefer the second behavior to the first – is there a setting I can choose that will allow me to stay logged in, but have the board keep track of only those threads I’ve actually looked at?

One final note, just to hijack my own thread. I’ve read through the Similar ID threads, but to me the two most confusing are asterion and astorian, who not only have similar names, but appear to be on opposite sides of the ideological aisle when it comes to politics.

Good question-I prefer the way it is now, but in certain situations I’d like the option to reset the pointers myself.