Question about two-topping pizzas

I often order a pizza that’s half sausage and half extra cheese. The sausage half clearly has sausage on it, but the other half doesn’t seem to have extra cheese at all. I’ve had this experience at a number of different pizza places. Have any Dopers ever worked making pizzas? Do you think I’m imagining this, or do the pizza makers just not bother adding extra cheese on my half?

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I made pizzas in high school/college. Local chain.

We’d always do extra cheese when requested, even on a half, but extra cheese didn’t mean double cheese. A pizza with half normal cheese and half double cheese wouldn’t cook right. Cheese spreads out a LOT when cooking. If you put too much, it’ll goo all over the place, over onto the other half, onto the oven rack. Extra cheese was just that - make it a little extra cheesy. We’d put the correct amount on and then sprinkle a bit more on.

I am not sure if anyone makes pizzas at home and has accidentally put ‘too much’ cheese on it - comes out kinda funky. When you are making a pizza with shredded cheese and you do it right it sort of looks like you’re not putting enough on because it will melt and spread/cover more than you think.

Order two pizza’s. The first would be half sausage and cheese and the other would be half sausage and extra cheese. Compare the two. I will gladly help you dispose of any leftovers. :smiley:

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I worked at a local pizza place in high school.

I can’t remember getting any “half extra cheese” orders (although I’m sure we did), but we definitely would have given the customer the extra cheese they ordered.

cheesy goodness just wants to spread itself around.

…my hips…:wink:

msykepticsight pretty much nailed it. Papa John’s policy - at least in the late nineties - was to add roughly 33% more for “extra” cheese. You had to keep it towards the middle of the pie or else it would run off the side and gum up the oven belt thingy, which made it really hard to make a pizza with extra cheese on half.

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I’ve worked at a couple different pizza chains over the years, including management at Dominos 20 years ago. I made pizzas with 1/2 extra cheese all the time - not an unusual thing at all. As others have said, we didn’t put on double cheese, just more than normal (I think the 33% may have been a little low, but not by much). The extra xheese actually would only go on just UNDER half of the pizza, as meltage would take care of filling in the rest of the side.

It is total coincidence then that cheese is far and away the single most expensive pizza ingredient?

You’ve obviously never had the truffle and kobe beef pizza with lobster stuffed crust at Pizza Hut.