Question For Guys Who Have Attractive Sisters...

I met the sister of a friend of mine this weekend and couldn’t help but notice that she was a very attractive young woman. I immediately wondered what it must have been like for him growing up under those circumstances- living under the same roof with a girl who is very attractive, but not being able to do anything about it. Seeing her walking around the house in various states of undress, getting out of the shower, watching her eating bananas, and so forth.

When I asked him if he thought she was attractive, he agreed that she was. When I then asked him he was able to control himself around her, he claimed that he never needed to and that what I was talking about was ‘gross’. He says he thinks that she is ‘attractive’ and even ‘sexy’, just not to him. Huh? How can someone think someone is attractive when they are not attracted to them?? It sounds to me like he’s in denial.

I don’t have any sisters, and my mother was (and is) an overweight German woman- tall, husky, muscular, and broad-shouldered, with a somewhat mannish-looking face. Needless to say, having an attractive family member is not something I’ve ever experienced. So I can’t say what I would or would not do, but I do know that I wouldn’t kid myself into thinking that I am not attracted to someone simply because they are supposed to be ‘off –limits’.

So, tell me what it’s like to grow up with a sister that you know is physically attractive. Did it create any difficulties for you? Did you ever ‘fantasize’ about her?? How can you think that someone is attractive and yet not be attracted to them???


Dude, unless you’re weird, you don’t get sexually attracted to your sister. You just don’t. The message has been buried deep in your mind by society and you just don’t do that.

My big sister was a high school cheerleader. I guess that she qualified as a babe.
No I was never attracted to her. She is my sister for crying out loud. Familarity breeds contempt.

I’ve heard that, Kalhoun, but I just don’t buy it.

Why is it ‘weird’ to be sexually attracted to someone who’s sexually attractive?

I recall a thread like this popping up some months ago and one fellow saying he had no ‘incest taboo’ and that if he’d had an attractive sister, and she was into it, too, he’d have sex with her.

Must be that there is someone out there who likes incest because it’s one of the sexual fetishes (that’s probably the wrong word) which receives the most hits on any porn website (don’t ask me how I know that!).

Surreal, this thread should be of interest to you

Sorry about that, I should have searched first.

Interesting link. How much of the innate non-attraction between siblings is due to their closeness during their formative years? and how much due to the common blood?

I ask, because I have kept several female friends from my school years, a few are very attractive women, but for some reason sexual attraction to them is less than I would expect because I have known them too long, they have become almost like sisters.

Would siblings who have lived separately be more likely to find each other sexually attractive? What about non-biologically related step-siblings?

Cheers Bippy

i seem to be building quite a track record for posting without cites, but here goes…

I recall reading a looong time ago about a study that was conducted into kids that grew up sans the parent of the opposite gender, ie… no contact from a coupla days of age or younger.

When the parent and child met up again, the result was quite a high level of sexual tension, because we look for a partner as much like us as possible, and what better combonation than direct family.

So natures’ way around this is to implant the family members that you see on a daily basis from an early age into your brain in such a way that you simply cannot associate sex (being sexually attractive, etc) + family implant.

Presumably it would work the same for siblings. I would try and find details online appropriately, but imagine the fun when my boss finds out I have been searching google with keyword incest :slight_smile: could be fun to see her reaction. And the queue’s at the employment agencies lol

Oh yeah, and like all things dealing with the human mind, I am sure the above could short out in certain people’s heads, so YMMV

tehre have been cases where a couple “fell in love” only to find out later they were “long lost siblings” - scary thought

Well, I certainly don’t see anything ‘gross’ about it. If I had a sister that was attractive, and she was a consenting adult, I’d probably have sex with her or at least try to. So she’s a relative- so what?

(cue the “deliverance” music)

I never found my sister attractive, but all her friends were hotties, and my buddies seemed to think my sister was hot. She was either the token ugly chick, or was hot. I was never attracted.

You get to see siblings at their ugliest moments.

Where some men may see my sister aglow and dancing through the daisies; I see her as the girl who puked pancakes onto my lap on the family trip to Texas.

I agree with NurseCarmen:

Once a woman throws up on you, the romance is gone.

Having fantasies about your sister is creepy. However, having fantasies about her cute little friends is completely normal.

My sisters were a bit older than I. (5 and 6 years older) So I’m sure they didn’t see me in a sexual way but I saw them that way. Actually I didn’t understand my feelings till later and actually it was all their fault. (the hussies)

I really remeber seeing my oldest sister completly naked when she was about 16 and I was 9 or 10. It was early morning and she was taking a shower. She opened the bathroom door to put the cat out and she was surrounded by steam with dramatic backlighting. I eyes popped out of my head and I felt ‘something’. I wasn’t sure what I felt at the time but now I know.

Also in the summertime they were obsessed with getting tans. So who better to be ‘lotion boy’ than me? Maybe that’s why I like coconut so much today.

I don’t feel that way now about them but back then from about age 9 to age 16 I felt that way.

When I was a teenager and my older sister tried on a new bikini, I blurted out “If she wasn’t my sister…” I never completed that sentence. That was pretty much an isolated moment. I had a friend who always talked about how hot my sister was. I knew she was attractive, but not really to me. As an adult, I have zero attraction to my sister.

It’s not often I use the word “icky,” but I can’t think up a word that better describes fantasizing about one’s sister.

FTR, I have a sister and, based upon what people say about her and how they act around her, she must be pretty damn good looking. I, however, just don’t see it. Maybe it’s the incest taboo, or maybe it’s just the fact that I’ve seen her at her very worst. I imagine it’s difficult to get aroused by a person after you’ve seen them with shit leaking out of their diaper, you know? When I think of my sister now, I think of an obnoxious little kid with pimples who I have seen shoot vomit out her nostrils.

Anyway, I’m adopted and my sister is not, so she’s “safe” in the biolgical sense. Nonetheless, the idea that Sis is in any way sexy to anybody is just weird. If someone suggested that I look at her in a sexual way, well, like I said, icky.

What will be interesting is how I will react if I ever meet my adult biological sisters (whose existence I only recently discovered). Please, God, don’t let them appear attractive to me. My skin will crawl right off and I will die.


I can’t speak for others, but I developed a taste in women who had distinctly different features from my sisters. We’re all fair blondes, but I go cuckoo for olive-skinned brunettes, Hispanic women, Indian womern, etc. I wonder if that’s simply coincidence?

Surreal, if you had a sister, you’d totally understand why it’s just wrong to say you’d want to bang them.

I, too, have a sister that I can’t see as attractive. Also, she’s not someone I’d want to date anyways as her attitude is quite different from mine. I don’t see her for very long times (she lives 1000 kms away) and when she’s back I treat her the same. She’s only 1 and a half years younger than I am.

I know she’s attractive to other guys (asian girls get lots of attention) but I don’t like asian women very much and prefer europian / white women. Even if that wasn’t the case, sorry, I can’t get any wood from thinking of my sister in any sexual context.