Question for NYC Doppers

We are taking our 7yr old daughter to see the Rocketts on Christmas day and looking for a place to have Christmas dinner in the Rockefeller Center area. Preferably under 40 a plate. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Well, your daughter would probably get a kick out of Mars 2112. It’s a theme restaurant where you get into a “spaceship” in order to get to the restaurant and once you “land” you are on Mars.

The whole restaurant looks like Mars and there are walking space creatures, etc.

It’s definitely fun for the kids and kinda cool looking, but the food really SUCKS.

Oh, yeah - here’s the link:

You’re advising going somewhere with sucky food for Christmas dinner?!?!

I’d help, but I never eat anywhere in that area that would be open on Christmas Day.

A nice kosher deli?

Well, as I said - the kids get a kick out of it!

The Stardust Diner on 50th & Broadway. It’s a retroplace, with good food and decorations and music. Not expensive either.

I don’t think the food sucks at Mars 2112 but I do think it would be a weird choice for Christmas dinner. (yes kids do seem to love it)
btw Stardust Diner is right across the street from Mars 2112.